These are the collection of poems that I myself wrote a while back...Sorry about them being a bit dark and please excuse the profanity, they are not used to offend, just to express...

Finding Oneself
Watchin the pouring rain as the sun shine
Losing my ******** mind

Things that are gone,
Should be left alone

Things that are lost,
leaves you high, drunk, and ******** up with drug overdose

Things should be kept unsaid,
As it's always too late

The reason for living,
fades away
The reason for dying,
comes today

For life had no purpose
and after all the curses

Looked at the pouring rain,
found my reason to live, and the fact that I am sane

Life's a b***h
Destiny cannot be swayed,
The direction of life will never fade

Even when it's too late,
And you've finally start to concentrate

Fixing the wrong and try to manipulate,
In the end, all you will find is fate

Fading From Sight
What once was gold
has rusted a thousandfold
Figures turn cold
What can be preserved has turned to mold
What can we hold?
If I may be so bold...

And Memories last both new and old
The wind blows east of the valley
Across the rows of grass, chatters can be heard from the rally

People gather around the vast
Field, energized by the excitement of being with the mass-

es, Creating new memories which hold in their hearts
While keeping their past recorded in the charts

of their mind, believing that one day,
It will come around and just may
Come back another day
And show us all the way

What is my true destiny?
What is my true destiny?

Have I lost or gained what is meant to be?
Has fate decided what is me?

Or will I look back and see
The old me crawling on my knee

And forgive, forget, in order to find what it's like to be free

For a memory is something that one can remember and see
Watching the past memories in the back of my mind,
Replaying through the most embarrassing scene I can find
My thoughts left back, caught in the past, and bind-

ed, that illusion of being the center of attention
The things that I try to say, but never mention-
ed, slowly rising up and building the tension

But the one that sees the past is only me,
Others can't remember it, they can't see
And for those who does, they leave it be

Only I am stuck in this perpetual nightmare
Fighting my archenemy in the back of the lair
of my mind, tried to ask for help but no one care
Although I can't say that, it's not fair
They can't see what I see, they don't know what I bear
I wonder if I'll ever wake up from this nightmare....

silent tears remain
Day by day living through this time
Only walking by flesh, the rest is a mime
Repeating what others say, did, and done for a mere dime

At the end of the day, people repeated
"You're always smiling, unlike us, you don't look defeated"
For the others who know, they chimed "conceited"

What's left of me is pain
These silent tears remain
And all I do is vain

But these tears won't hold me, so scurry
What people say, don't worry
Release all that is locked, don't say sorry

like you've always thought you had
Screams echoing, windows breaking
The glass splatters, hearts forsaking

Like you've always thought you had
But found that it all just doesn't add

She was always faking
You give, and she keeps taking

Like you've always thought you had
But now, it just makes you mad

The thought that all you're staking
In this relationship had bring fourth the aching

Like you've always thought you had
And all that's left is the sad-

ness creeping up inside you
It's not even possible to start anew

Like you've always thought you had
But you never thought that it would turn so bad

and you ended up alone
Trust, who needs them?
Beliefs, we still condemn

In the end, you're all alone
Talking to that monotone on your phone

Thinking someone might answer you
But in the end, that's too good to be true

For you have forsaken all humanity
Friends, family, loved ones, all vanity
The only peace, salvation, is insanity

to lose your mind along with your guilt
The rhythm is so loud, it keeps thumping
It's a nuisance, my heart keeps bumping

Breathe, breathe...it's not WORKING!
It drives me insane, it's always lurking

Deep inside, want to tear out my heart
Slowly, but surely, my mind falls apart

RED, red spreads across my vision
My mind's blank, I no longer envision

Surely, this can't be the end of my world
But, AH...the rhythm is gone, its unfurled

But Death is the Only One I See Coming
The mindset of our generation has always been,
Get education, be successful, have a good life, settle in,
If you fail at one of these, brace yourself, but never lean

On anyone else, keep your pride at your side,
Don't show your weaknesses, don't run and hide.
Someday, your chance will come, wait patiently, bide

Your time, till one day, the world will adore you
They'll see your hidden talents, they'll do everything for you
Your life fulfilled, your troubles gone with minted paper like a lawyer

Ignore those who didn't make it, they never attempted
They don't deserve it like you do, they were tempted
by their evil inside their minds, they relented

Ignore their smiles, they're all wearing masks
Even though you never smiled in years, look at the facts
Your pocket is full, your bank is overflown, relax

Even when all you see is death coming to your door
Biding your time, minted paper is all you got to live for,

While the others who have failed to live up to the standard,
They still got more, even those who pandered.

A World of Greed
It started out innocent
All you wanted was accomplishment

Work hard, get money, be successful
But the farther you walk, the more you get stressful

In your left, drug dealers, hustlers, pimps
To your right, lawyers, politicians, CEOs that you can glimpse

On, are all richer than you, happier than you
In this world of greed, you can't make it through

Without deceit, without covering yourself in lies
The world teaches you, the truth? Revise!

Follow the world, it will give you everything you ask for
Even if you have to abandon everything at the core

Freeze your hearts, work your mind,
Pull the trigger on all that is kind

I'll live or I'll die, in this place without fear
In this place without fear,
No questions asked, it's all clear.

In this place without fear,
There is no lies, nor is there truth, nothing to hear.

In this place without fear,
Nothing to live for, nothing to think of, we just adhere.

In this place without fear,
Nothing to die for, no value to death, no cries, no tear.

In this place without fear,
No meaning to life, no grace in death, nothing to severe.

In this place without fear,
Have we been forsaken, is there nothing we can revere?

In this place without fear,
All hope is gone, all dreams are history, no one can persevere.

In this place without fear,
How I wish, I wish...I could disappear.

And that was that
It started all the same, nothing could be done without creation
On top of it all, unity formed us as a nation
Banding together, speaking of brotherhood, building a foundation

The cheerful days soon be gone out of rationality
What we used to cherish, it's all gone, the realization of immorality
The union mentality dissipates like ash in the wind, bringing about fatality

The new generation turns at us, sneered, what a mock-
ery, the brotherhood, they quickly ran at the sight of us, lock
the door to familiarity, what's left is a gun to show us of freedom, c**k!

And that was how everything always turns out
First was birth, then death came upon us, and that was that, no doubt
about it, the only thing we could do was accept our fate, shout

These are the words of those who are lost
Those who know not of the gentle fiery avian, the savior of no cost
What we've learned, -Rebirth- , The River no longer crossed

Heaven or Hell's Halls
When asked, do you prefer heaven or hell?
It's no doubt the answer, no one even needs to spell

However, if that is truly so,
Even if they've answered the first clearly though

When asked, do you prefer to live on earth or die?
Why do all choose contradictorily, hesitating to say goodbye....

I am mere flesh and bone
What makes me, me? What do I embody?
oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus makes up my entire body
Yet what I feel, this pain in my heart, what I disembody

takes up my entire time
the fast beating of my heart continues to chime
Day by day, slaving over a dime

But what is lost can no longer be reached
The words of those cared for me, revealing in my mind, they preached
So this pain in my heart, the rose staining my sight, this memory of lost time, it must be bleached

For in the end, I am but a man
merely flesh and bone, no matter how hard I ran
These feelings will only reach a life span

Thus, I walk on this solitary road
Never deceiving, never forgetting my code

while eyes and hands go astray
In the beginning,
We all wanted the same thing

Together hand by hand towards the Promised Land
Day by day, everything was all planned

Never would we thought that we'd end up this way
Never would He thought that we would cease to pray

Eyes and hands go astray

Instead of heaven, what we see is the smoke of grey
Instead of together, we take arms and make enemies everyday

Where have we gone wrong, what do we say?
Can even He save us now? Can we right the way?

We race our way before the end of the day, before we decay
Hoping for the last moment, where we lay

Our Tears of Joy....
Glass-stained windows, the overbearing castle around me
Rusted chains, stuck against the wall, never to be free
Overweight ball and chain, kept me to the ground, kept me to my knee

Sleep, hardly can be gotten, Lay awake till I faint
Eat, what's there is what I got, no means of complaint
Clean, the only shower is the dripping paint

Tears, regardless of what Thales said, I no longer have enough
Joy, never have I met, not even the exhausted relief could bring satisfaction
Consolation, the only means I'm allowed, the pouring rain flowing rough
Crying for me, even if these wounds won't heal, Blessed be the distraction
Content, so that one day the tears of joy may come
Final words, and then there's nothing left but to succumb

to wait patiently...
Tick, tock, tick, tock, time just keeps on runnin'
The world spins forward, never fittin' in

To wait patiently, to stay still
Is to die, to have no will

What's life if all that can be gotten is to be forgotten
What's the proof of life if minds are stopped, turning rotten

To wait patiently is to die
To live is to say why?
Never giving in, acceptance? deny!
And the fight goes on, never ending, till someone says "aye"

From the Pain of Grief
Born with a crack
Eventually, it'll turn into a plaque
Life's gone, but the pain remains, never can we fight back

Grow with sorrow
The mind gives in, no one to borrow
from, Life dissipates, resenting tomorrow

Die with grief
Deathbed won't give relief
Life robs, no reason, no chance to turn over a new leaf

But the pain of the grief will always remind
That even Life too, will never succeed to bind

For the crack will itself heal,
And the sorrow, no one can reveal
The grief, liberated and no longer feel

When we let go,
And fall against the forces of the earth below,
Salvation awaits, eternal sleep, no more woe

That I Wake at the Desk, Far From the Last Line
The truth is cruel to those who know
Peace can no longer be enjoyed, the time can no longer flow

The duty that comes with the truth
Is nothing but a burden, fragmenting the youth

But they who know must not keep silent
Record the truth, chain the self to the seat, get violent

For they are the ones that must spread the news
Even if they are to be mocked, untrusted, bruise

That I wake at the desk, far from the last line
Must mean that I have neglected my duties, my design

Hurry! Time does not wait, neither can I
The page goes unwritten, the world corrupts without knowing why

Only those who know can see the truth, that I remember
And while knowledge brings pain, I am chained a member

And the world looks at resent for those who brings the knowledge
For they see peace in ignorance, they won't acknowledge

But the pain remains inside, for I cannot decline
My journey, my duty, my burden, they are all mine...

I'll Be Reborn
Everyday, life still goes on in a mundane way
Someday, it'll all end, you know what they say

However, time is too long to wait, to long to persevere
Forever, I choose to end the time, to end this life here

Wherefore shall I go, what I shall become, reborn
Therefore, time will reset, the earth restrict the soul like thorn

Infernal, even the deepest depth of hell cannot rebound
Eternal, time, this life, how profound...

His Soul For His Absolution
Born with nothing, end up disadvantaged
Life hits just as hard, even to those who managed
To endure, in the final moments, it doesn't matter if you're advantaged

So, in this capitalistic society
We are forced to greed, lust, anxiety
Trample those below, ******** piety

And to those who dream of absolution
Give up your body, your soul, your resolution
Bow down to the Bourgeoisie, that's the only solution

But to those who are rational, free of the mind
Don't let the chains cloud the truth, don't let it blind
You, for the freedom lies not within the soul or the body, for all of mankind

The truth can only lie within the thought
That one can be free, never to get caught
For that is but everything that is allowed, all that we can sought

And the Proletariat must put down their tools
Abandon all physical resistance, the mind will break down all the rules
And that's how humans break away, cease to become fools

The world as you know it, isn't so bad
What you see is what you perceive
Therefore, the world is as you believe
However, that goes for everyone, don't be naive

Suffering to you, might be salvation
Destruction to you, might be innovation
Greed to you, might be determination

Thus, the world as you know it, isn't so bad
For even ugliness might be a fad
And even cruelty is joyful to the mad

And that's how one succumbs to the word
Throw away your senses, accept the absurd
In the end, you're nothing but a fragment of the herd

Illusionary Beauty [Petrachan (Italian) Sonnet]
Beauty, the most delicate star that shine
Magnified by jewelry that we use
The luster that we hope it never lose
Energize us to find a golden mine
But those of us with knowledge, drew a line
For true beauty lies in a woman whose
Talk, and walk, and manner caused quite a ruse
That a man would spend all his life to find

But, beauty is all but everlasting
All the gold mine would soon have gone away
And at the end of the day, we all laid
Our jewelry away, slowly rusting
Its shine, less beautiful than yesterday
We all watch as the women slowly fade.

The Sought for Enemy [Shakespearean Sonnet]
Love, a common emotion we all share.
Do we fear it's presence, or do we find
it's comfort? Tears apart all that is fair,
and impairs our judgment, our thoughts, our mind.

It appears amongst the ones that we love
The feeling that destroys our sanity
Starts out wonderful, yet ends into suf-
fering. En'my of all humanity.

However, it is the gold that we sought
The warmness that we seek, heavenly light
that every mankind had eagerly fought
for, believing till their end, all is right

So, for I am a man, I too share this
fight, this conquest to find eternal bliss

These are written for the two minute poetry game thread, so no titles

1.Another one?
Why keep making these things?
The old one never gone
Yet, the new one sings

Don't worry
These things won't linger
As I type with my finger
I can't help but say sorry

The time is slowly ticking
The online timer I've set is slowly reaching
The end of its time,
And is therefore, the end of my rhyme

2. The rain is dripping
The sun shines in the midst of the blur
The windows scream, the rain punishing it heavily, ripping
No one can speak clearly, nothing is heard clearly, its all a slur

But don't worry, the rain will surely stop
For tomorrow, it gives us all new hope

3. In the midst of the time,
In the midst of my rhyme

The world is slowly turning
My eyes bloodshoot, my blood churning

What have I done? What do I do now?
This nightmare won't dissipate from me anyhow

Sirens are slowly blaring its way to me
The storm outside makes it too hard to see

Showered with the blood of the one that I love
I wonder if I can move on, if he'll let me, the one above...

4. Black, everything is black
The Eclipse, enveloping the light, therefore we lack

The shine of the sun, no longer there
People watching the outline of others, they don't know where

A scream suddenly heard
Has the world ended? One asked, don't be absurd

For the darkness brings forth people's nature
People's faces blurring, their built up lies denature...

5. The skies dark, the clouds hovering
A girl in the midst of the darkness, tears
Others passing by, wondering
Why the atmosphere is so thick, everyone fears

The overbearing madness of the thunder
The ominous cloud above, so high
One thing they all know, its no wonder
Who the nature has sided with, rain pours down as the girl cry

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