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Jupi's Comedic Rants

Jupi rants about everything he finds wrong with the world. Being emo, that's about everything. Someone that came before us screwed up, and now nothing makes sense.



I'm not going to accept friend requests out of nowhere (anymore). Send me a PM and tell me who the hell you are

I'm some geeky guy with this infinite imagination about my own world. I am barely in reality, I love pokemon(especially Ninetales) and I have a very strange interest in Coca-Cola. As for that imagination, here's a small piece.

Jupi is a ninja in the Naruto world and has a hateful past. When he was 6, he was taken from his home in Falihi and thrown through space into the world of Naruto. He started living in the Leaf Village, alone, and trained with a heavy staff every night until he fell to the ground and slept. After becoming a Konoha(Leaf) Ninja at the age of 9, his uncle, Talon(who traveled from Falihi), gave him the Ru family swords, the Murasame and the Ashura, and then Talon left. Murasame, the sword of winter, is always to be used in his left hand, and Ashura, the sword of summer, is always to be used in his right hand. One week after receiving the blades, he finally met his mom, who is a descendant of the family that branched off the Hyuga clan and eventually the Uchiha clan branched off that family. As a result, his mom tells him, he has "mixed eyes". She explained that this meant that he had both the Byakugan and the Sharingan in his eyes, but they would interfere with each other if he tried to use them. That night, Jupi, determined to make use of his eyes, stumbled upon a forbidden technique, "Eye Reverse Technique". When he performed it, the Sharingan part of his right eye and the Byakugan part of his left eye... switched. Although he now had a pure Sharingan in his left eye and a pure Byakugan in his right, he had not yet awakened either and he was sure that he could never attain the full power of either. One week later, he performed his first kill with the Ru swords on a Konoha A-class missing-nin. With that, he awakened both eyes. However, the surge of chakra that flowed to his head to activate the eye powers made him able to hear the thoughts of the universe for a moment. He then realized all of the fear and suffering that the races of the universe had to experience. He then made a decision.. to prevent people from having to be put through that suffering. He would kill them all.

Soon after, Jupi's childhood friend and possibly crush Mina died. Some say Jupi killed her himself. He left the village as a missing-nin on unknown reasons but still lives in the forest near Konoha. Rumors say that the "missing-nin" is an act and is a member of ANBU. He was also seen in the forest with a girl that he called "Kesshite". The rest of his life is unknown. At least, to us...


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Lunar Pillow I Choose You Report | 09/26/2009 5:33 pm
Lunar Pillow I Choose You
Guess who's going at the top of my friend list? biggrin

jupiterblade Report | 11/24/2007 10:42 pm
The dad says it's Sarah's fault that he suffers at work.

The dad doesn't realize that it's his fault because he agreed/decided to have a kid in the first place.

It's called a condom, Dumass Dad.
SeexJay Report | 11/18/2007 6:45 pm
Yes I know...I put it on for a day and then it dies. Its been doing that to me...Oh well.
anikenvader Report | 11/06/2007 12:24 pm
my name is sarah

I am but three,

My eyes are swollen

I cannot see,

I must be stupid

I must be bad,

What else could have made

My daddy so mad?

I wish I were better

I wish I weren't ugly,

Then maybe my mommy

Would still want to hug me.

I can't speak at all

I can't do a wrong

Or else I'm locked up

Ac3d Out Report | 10/17/2007 4:41 pm
Ac3d Out
~angelmist_28~ Report | 07/07/2007 9:17 am
hi my sisters friend
SeexJay Report | 06/30/2007 8:51 pm
How could you take out the hilarious part in your proflile...? I loved that thing.
jupiterblade Report | 06/25/2007 9:01 pm
i have almost 6k but i don't feel like trading anything... I'm also thinking about making a minishop for pets.Problem is that i'm never going to get a lineart done unless i get pretty bored and my scanner feels like working.
IloveGaara1 Report | 06/21/2007 11:42 am
u like to trade how much gold do u have
IloveGaara1 Report | 06/21/2007 3:23 am
hi im smalltowndreamers little sister



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