well about me....well I'm alot of things but mostly a SONIC FREAK. I like Death Metal, rock, Black Metal, Techno, and Heavy Techno. I'm hispanic in which I really dont act like one. I write on free times plus I write songs and poetry, I draw somewhat. My fanfic account is still being updated. Ummmmmmmm.....What else, oh yeah, I swear up a storm, tell the truth I lost count on how much a swear a day. I'm a senior/Junior in high school(Ms. Nash must fall down a well for all I care). I'm a nice dood once you get to Know me better, but I'm on sometimes cause my parents being total dushbags xD. This is how my avi usally looks but since I got hacked last time it took me forever to get back all these items so I really dont wear it alot cause of all the hackers out thier that are out to get me(and if your reading this whoever hacked me, do it again, thier will be a special surprise when ya do >=@)

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