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heii gaiia ppl! well wat kna ii saii hmm?! lol well mii name iis jocelyn get iit straight! yu kan kall mii jocy!ii am verii funnii fun to hang out wiit! ii dont giive 2 oreos wat ppl gotta saii bout mii =]] ii am young enough to give a f** & old enough to know 4m riight & wrong!ii attend ames miiddle school!dhii bestiies ar jasliin!,liidiia,& jessiica!well dats iit bout mii! D U E C E S!


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nat alex n justin bieber Report | 09/15/2009 3:14 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
o a gurl named jackie my bad lolz well keep me posted omg r u serious so she's still in mcauliffe? lolz how about maradalie her too?
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 09/14/2009 3:16 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
jacquline delagdo? well she's not my bff but she's a really kool friend cuz we like the sam things but ur still my bff lolz!!!! n have u seen brianna or ppl in our old class cuz there's this gurl in my class named cyndi n she reminds me of our old cindy her name is spelled diffrent though do like any boys yet at ames? omg gurl there hot over here one boy asked how old i wuz i told im 12 n he's a like ok ok lolz but he short like me=). have u had a lot of home work. ugh i have alot of math cuz we have to switch too n omg our math teacher is sooo mean!!! o n i forgot to tell u have u seen april cuz i forgot all about her well bye talk to u l8ter!!!!!!1

p.s bye jocelyn
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 09/10/2009 4:55 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
i wuz not puttin this message in a bad way i wuz just playing around u can even ask alyssa i did it to her too in our school it wuz prank ur bff day but i didn't think u would get this mad!!! the kids in our class made it up. but im srry if u took it to the heart. i just wanted to tell how is school going n have u met any new ppl.well my school is awsome cuz we swich classes n omg the boyz there omg hot!!!!! well i hope ur not mad at me. i told alyssa HOW RUDE.n she's all like what did i do lolz!!!! well bye hope ur nat mad at me!!!!!!!
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 09/05/2009 9:01 am
nat alex n justin bieber
i guess ur mad at me cuz 1.U DON'T HAVE ME ON UR PAGE 2. U ERASED UR COMMENT WERE U PUT I MISS MY BFF 3.U HAVE BEEN ON N HAVEN'T EVEN SAID HI TO ME. but i think i know how it's gunna be ur probubly gunaa find new friends at ames n forget me. but i i kno that's wrong cuz bff's are never so post to forget about one another.but if u are my friend go ahead n see what i put on my pro it might help u think that JOCY is my BEST FRIEND FOREVER. but o well if ur not my friend just tell me n I will take u off jst if ur not my friend . well bye

bff ?=maybe if jocy didn't forget
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 07/24/2009 6:12 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
hey jocy
Alyssa77709 Report | 06/19/2009 1:19 pm
hi jocy wats up
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 06/17/2009 4:17 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
What have you been doing so far on ur vacation
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 06/17/2009 4:09 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
did u try to callmy phone yesterday cuz u left me a voice mail saying to ur sis it's recording n then stop. i wuz like ok wtf n then i called you bac n som gurl picked up n sed u were at the store so i told her to tell u to call me and she never did lolz
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 06/17/2009 3:57 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
well on friday june 19 im going to ohio to visit family and on july 9th i'm going to flordia am gunna come bac on the 16th and so is bryan and hernan there stalker ahhhhhh lolz. and angelo didn't see me he wuz to busy with that ugly azz gurl. man my dog is funny he went up to mei bro and jumped on him and licked him he's soooo nasty lolz well holla bac lolz
p.s gunna mizz u to jocy!!!!!!!!!!
nat alex n justin bieber Report | 06/16/2009 4:24 pm
nat alex n justin bieber
i will miss u lolz guess who i saw yesterday ANGELO AND HE WUZ KISSING THIS UGLY a** GIRL HER TEETH WERE NASTY i saw him at the park.and i am gunna get u a presant from flordia but ii'm gunna need your adress agian cuz i forgot it well i g2g bye and i will never forget your favorite words U FUKIN PIECE OF FUKIN s**t!!!! LOL WELL BYE BFF



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