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Hello and welcome to my profile. To those who don't know me i'm 16 right now with a love for anime and music. I always try my best to be sweet and conciderate with everybody however with somethings i also try my best to be a little aloof especially in real life since things don't really go so well with me in real life. I try to comfort my friends and loved ones when they're feeling down despite how bad i'm feeling. I have a low self asteem which also results in points where when something goes wrong that has to do with me i might put myself down and say all manners of horrible things about myself. I love listening to all manners of rock from alternative rock to death metal. So far my favorite bands that i can name off of my head are... Hinder, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Mushroomhead, Korn, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, etc. I love to rp on gaia as well cause it gives me a chance to be somethings i'v always wanted to be... someone other than myself. However i have friends that love me for who i am so thats kind of why i'm also glad that i'm still myself. Yet if i could change myself if i had the chance i wouldn't be too sure. Welll anyways moving onward still. My closest friends so far on gaia is kinda hard to name some of them since i have a good few. Like so many other people i have also had my share of severe heartbreaks. I'm currently with a girl now so i'm happy about that. Well lets see what else... My bigs things i like to do are work on the computer, listen to music, and sometimes write stories. I am currently in the middle of one which you can see cause my journal entries are my stories. Well... if there is anything you want to find out about me pm me otherwise i appreciate you taking a look at my profile and may your days move onwards with happy events. Live your life to the fullest and never back down no matter the hardship cause as long as you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.


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Jason's Book of Random $#!@

This is not the abandonment of death,
nor is it the breath of life.
This is a funeral song,
the musical interlude between life and death,
and this Reqiuem is all we have
after the vital course of the former
and the cold nothingness of the latter.
The Requiem has it's crescendos and it's diminuendos;
it's wild-eyed fanatics,
blood-splattered madmen,
revolutionaries and it's wood-be conquerors.
This is not the bittersweet music of the dearly departed,
though- this is the Symphony of the Damned.

-Charlotte Gaudibert, Aequitas Fatalis




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