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Birthday: 10/12


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just in case if u wanna know what underwear im wearing O.o


Low and Slow

O.O like some coffee? O.O

Haiti <3

<SPAN>alil about myself =3</SPAN>

ThInGz I LikE
My abusive , hawt, black, loud hunny hubby <3
My kiki {CHIPPO <3} =3 cutest kiki EVA -.-*
dress up xD
anime ^.^
anime n nerd love ^^
presentz x3
slipperz n skinny jeanz n oranges =3
my leaf (not a salad)-.-
donating to true friends and randoms ^.^
art (life ish art)
avi art =3 (couples avi art tooz) x3
n matching outfitz =3

Comminly asked questions: Q and A
Q: age / A: D:< get off me ya perv
Q: name / A: get to know me first!
Q: single? / A: >> hellz ya (jk) my wify/abusive black girly friend would kill meh :3 lovez her
Q: single? / A: i just answered that
Q: weight? / A: -_- these questions are old
Q: how big is your penis? / A: biggrin that is on the d/l the down low if ya know what i mean :'3 (jk, ill never tell YOU)
Q: Is ruby reading this? / A: idk as her scream
Q: can i ask more questions? / A: thats it for today maybe tomarrow
Q: weight? >> A: mkay (150)
Q:height? A: this egaia harmony?! ( 6')
Q:will you answer my pm's or comments? A: yes im not an asshole and i dont believe in being internet better then someone
Q: ideal dumbell weight? (6-12 reps for 3-4 sets) A: hmmm wild question but 45-50 depending the day/ if i trained it that week
Q: likey cake? A: =3yes i liky cake you liky cake? (pic post)
Q: penis length? A: still not answering (on the d/o ^.~)
Q: average crunch count (per day)? A: kept track 12 hours= 1000 so about 300 if i have stuff to do x3
Q: minecrafts? A: f*ckING MINECRAFT, f*ck! burning_eyes (yes)
Q: joining military? scream A: yes (navy)
Q: why do you suck so bad at spelling?! A: i live in oklahoma in the hood so spelling is for homo's =3
Q: should i listen to your playlist? A: f*ck you, YES
Q: do you sing alot in public? sweatdrop A: yes twisted a LOT oooo you got to know when to hold em, KNOW WHEN TO FOLD EM
Q: stop singing pl0x A: not a question but kthnxbai
Q:got rare? A: YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS WOOOOOOOHUser Image (caught randomly may/28/2012) p.s.
i cried

tHingZ i DONt LiKe
people who make fun of emo'z T.T
scammer n meany hackers D:
my shopping habit
not haveing stuff to donate T.T
brake upz </3
waiting =T
haveing a life XD

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User Image
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User Image
meh biggrin User Image

stuffz used to go here so i'll drop SOME PICS
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User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

User Image<.< go panda go panda XD

User Image
O.O alot of green bass (just luck didnt filter)
User Image
D:< daily chance stop sending me the same starter shirt


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Zuurie Report | 10/12/2014 3:02 pm
gaia_angelleft Happy birthday. gaia_angelright
iiBelieve -I- Report | 07/08/2014 3:39 pm
iiBelieve -I-
Aw I"m sorry! That does suck!
iiBelieve -I- Report | 07/06/2014 9:08 pm
iiBelieve -I-
Kind of... I was upset with some people. But got over it and enjoyed the fireworks. You?
iiBelieve -I- Report | 07/05/2014 10:28 pm
iiBelieve -I-
it sounds difficult!
I'll mezsage you the link to my profile.
iiBelieve -I- Report | 07/03/2014 7:56 pm
iiBelieve -I-
Yeah that's what happens when you get a job. :/
Same here! Do you have a facebook? We could just talk on there. Lol
iiBelieve -I- Report | 06/01/2014 6:27 pm
iiBelieve -I-
Sounds like a fun time![/color
iiBelieve -I- Report | 05/13/2014 8:28 am
iiBelieve -I-
Holy cow! Thats a lot of work!
I work at Panera Bread in Owasso, I wake up go to work, hang out with my boyfriend, and go home, and repeat the next day with minor differences. Lol you?
iiBelieve -I- Report | 04/19/2014 5:24 pm
iiBelieve -I-
It really does! I feel like life is moving a lot faster than it use to!
For serious! It's ridiculous!
iiBelieve -I- Report | 04/02/2014 9:32 am
iiBelieve -I-
Me too! I love it so much!!
Oh wow that's a lot of work!!
Freedom?! Lol
Same here! I miss everyone!!

iiBelieve -I- Report | 03/21/2014 1:58 pm
iiBelieve -I-
True true~!
I bet!
It's good! I recently got a new job at Panera. I have a Boyfriend in real life. I'm perusing photography as a career! Yours?!



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Music x3

Jimmy da Hobo