Hi there. My name is Anna, but you can call me JR.

Full time student and employee... So I may not reply for a day or two.

Pacific Standard Time.

Interested in role playing, avatar/oc art, and conversing.
I haven't been role playing in recent years, but am eager to write within the drama, horror, fantasy, crime genres.
Some comedy is appreciated.
I enjoy chatting about world issues, morals, politics, difference of peoples/animals/lifestyles.
Interested in learning more about Opera.
Open to constructive and polite criticism.

If I just met you, I'd appreciate you not tell me something you wouldn't tell people you know in real life. It just makes me uncomfortable.

Happily enthralled with another human being.



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Don't Bother

The last journal entry I made was 2006, chances are I have yet to make a new one. Though... I really should.


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gaia_angelleft I'm a friend on here! gaia_angelright
I'm sad Zomg is gone for now though.


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gaia_star I love new friends! gaia_kittenstar
gaia_angelleft Thank you for adding me! gaia_angelright


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Sorry it took so long to answer. Yes, I would love to practice with you,
as I am still a student myself. We will have a lot of fun!

Sacrificial Kyo

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Sacrificial Kyo

OOh that is so awesome!! ^^ Same kinds as you? I adore shoujo. XD hehe.

You are most welcome. That tiki bar.. Never heard of it! Perhaps I can look it up. Able to find out the name? Cause that sounds awesome! Ive never been to something like that! X3

I did awhile ago. I know some Japanese. I am picking up my lessons again next month. :3
Sacrificial Kyo

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Sacrificial Kyo

Oooh haha. Sorry I was a bit confused. Guess I should have re read your comment before posting! ^^; It sounds like fun!~ Hehe.

I see. So I assume he has the same interests as you? Or is he moving cause he knows itll make you happy? I can understand why you & his mom would have a falling out about it.. :< But eventually she will understand you are the girl that makes him happy, and that you can go wherever together to spread your wings! ^^ (That was how it was for me. I met and fell in love, and married a Chinese man. We then moved out here to Cali. shortly after. My dad wasn't happy.)

Yes! ^^ Your new profile looks very cute! XD Hehe. Wish I could do stuff like that. ^^
Sacrificial Kyo

Report | 01/17/2014 12:38 pm

Sacrificial Kyo

This whole plan sounds wonderful! ^^ I dont mind what we do! I know we'll have fun either way hehe.

Omg that is so awesome/romantic! I am jealous! XD My hubby keeps mentioning he wants to move to Japan, but I dont take him seriously. >w< I wish you luck with that! Omg I will have an even better excuse to go to visit Japan! (To visit you). XD Seems like we would get along. Im happy that you and your fiancee agree with where you wanna go and live and do with your lives! ^^~

I am not into watching sports, but it will make the boys happy huh? ^^ And you if youre into sports. I dont mind going~.
Sacrificial Kyo

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Sacrificial Kyo

That's so awesome! I don't have plans to go to Japan until 2020, when the olympics will be there. ^^ I haven't even gone on a honey moon yet! XD Hehe. Perhaps I will wait until then to see you!
I need a good camera too. DX Just havent been able to afford one. :/

That summer house sounds great! Is the water area big?
Sacrificial Kyo

Report | 01/14/2014 12:30 pm

Sacrificial Kyo

That is still so awesome! If I come after, I can see pics. right? XD

Im into eating! XD And exploring. Lol. And way into photography.. :> Sounds like Ill have fun there! Swimming is my fav. thing to do, but I gots to get a new bathing suit first. X3
Sacrificial Kyo

Report | 01/13/2014 12:46 pm

Sacrificial Kyo

Well, you know, the way you described it still sounds like a lot of fun! What time of the year should I visit?

I tend not to do much either, despite living in/near San Fran. XD
Sacrificial Kyo

Report | 01/10/2014 3:45 pm

Sacrificial Kyo

I will! That sounds so fun! What is there to do by you? ^^

And... I love all those foods! @v@


24yo. Student. Nor Cal, USA.
Writer. Dog Lover. Dean's Girl.

Happy Holidays!
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