Endless, endless love. Everything on my wishlist has been donated by a nameless friend, who is now zealously working through my "Every Green Thank-You Letter" quest. I really can never thank you enough, save these ghastly little pictures. <3 All of them, forever.


*blushmelt* And again, as always, all my wishes come more than true. <3


Nothing fancy? razz

I... SPEAK german, PRACTICE contortionism, PLAY six instruments, HAVE no hand-eye coordination, AM a ballroom dancer, PERFORM in musicals, RUN cross country, HATE prejudice, OBSESS over green, POSSESS clarity of mind, OWN two siamese kittens, FAIL at normalcy, SUCCEED at brevity...and levity... and LOVE my love.

NOT what you were expecting and NOT what you are looking for.


A HUGE *Thank You!* to GuardianEarth for the slippers! <3!

And an even GREATER-IN-SIZE, though slightly more baffled, *Thank You!* ...to my charmingly mysterious benefactor for the WINGS!! and the DUSTER!!!! <3

And... the pants? And my beautiful new fan? And my GLOWING GREEN LANTERN!?!?! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

...and now, for the love of a Jaq, everything that now has a bouncing heart has been gifted me by this mysterious benefactor.

I don't understand who or what you are, but your kindness and charity melts my toxic ickle heart. I don't know what else to wish for - you've given me EVERY beautiful green thing in Gaia's existence. And that's all Ivy ever wanted - to be a lovely little green thing. What would -you- wish for?

I suppose I'll go find more green things, as your cryptic gift-tags seem to be the only way to get more communications from ye. <3

I don't know!! =P I received Hulk Hands from *someone* anonymous, with the message: "i am not *the* anon bene... i am one"

= confused the hell out of Ivy. I mean... it's greatly appreciated, but I had no idea there was another lurker of me wishes!!


Wot! I... I'm confused!! Who's... what... HOW MANY ANONS ARE THERE!?!?! Oo;

::smiles, shakes head:: What am I to do with you. I can't depict it on my wishlist, but anon has given me THREE spring nymphs. I shall never wish for anything else, I swear. <3


O.O;! Gaia has finally made a beautiful, fabulous, wonderful, green plant-laden, Ivy-Perfect item and I forgive them for every previous release of lovely items that included every color except green and I adore it to the ends of the earth. Spring Nymph is... basically... amazing. <3 And Anon Bene is... of course... even more amazing. For donating one to me before I even knew it existed. =P Much less had time to put it on my wishlist, you scoundrel, you. <3

And random other green things that seem to be striking the fancy of a gifter -- I need to update the list with all the new things. You spoil me so hard, I can not possibly deserve this. heart


No, actually, I didn't have them!! But thank you, they are delicious. <3


::smiles, shakes head:: My aquarium is so beautiful. Luff luff luff.

Eeeeeee!!! And spawn got me a turtle!!!!! ::luffs:: Er, two of them, now. razz And to fill out "Thrombembolytic," I've named the last "Lytic." Bwahaha. Aaaand now the Poseidon. razz Thank you, spawn.


No, I suppose I wouldn't want to know... though it'd make thanking you much easier... it's difficult to commission art, "Yes! I'd like a sketch of an ivy-chibi, trailing hearts, thanking Anon Bene. Ivy looks like this, AB looks like... erm..."

You see.

Ah well. Pay-it-forward works fine as well, with any luck AC will finally get that damned scarf of hers.

P.S. Apparently I fail at "Public: Yes/No." XD But I do like the green aquarium things.

(XD and my ickle hamster is adorable)


XD And now, AB has come through and completely demolished my wishlist. Ivy is the most beautiful green thing in all the world, ehehe. I donna have words gracious or kind enough to express how overjoyed and loved I feel from all of you, and my Anon Bene especially - this was such a wonderful birthday. =)


From Yumiko Cori:
More things to make my house beautimous and green!! ehehehe - Egyptian Midpalm, and a Green Snuggle Table!! ::huggles::

=P From AB, you wily thing you... a first gen Kelp o' th' Loch. ::adores:: Wot am I to do with you. <3 *blushes and glows* Ivy will have to dig out her mask again at this rate. heart
*And, you know... everything else on the list. :: smiles, shakes head ::

From The Amazing Arya:
TWENTY green inks!?!? :: huggles :: Eeeee!!! Spring Green Loofah Pad, Spring Green Towel, Spring Green Towel Turban, Green Snorkel & Mask, Radioactive Green Raving Goggles, And!! She sang Happy Birthday to Ivy. ::giggles and huggles more::

From Kathryn Weaver:
Green Spacey Body Suit Leggings, Green Traveller Undershirt, Green Traveller Top, Gorgeous Green Criss Cross Swim Bottom, HIPster Green Shades, Ritzy Green Feather Fascinator, Green & Yellow Saloon Girl Feather Headpiece, Green Inks, Blue Inks, Yellow Inks, and Green Corallus Egg!! I are so luffed. 3nodding

From screw up your courage:
IVY AVY ART EEEEEEEE!!!!! Gotomyjournal. Nao. <3 it is so beautiful I canna even speak. AND MOAR!!!! Sacred Leaf, Freaky Mutant Mask, Ritzy Green Beaded Dress, Green Yarn & Needles, Potted Cactus, Green Ink, Ribbon Luv Sleeves, Green Soft 'n' Fuzzy Coat, Green Abominable Scarf, T-Rex Inner Tube, Green Galoshes, and 49346 pieces of Crumpled Green Construction Paper?! I am... completely overwhelmed. <3. <3 <3 <3.



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pixel addiction

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kawaii princess amy

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