Hmph........ heh.... I don't really feel like telling you all about me. But here we go.....

I'm Jorge M.

I like................ lets see...... fighting........

I hate posers, hippies, people, "Goths" (now in days), that one song, you know teh one, pacifists, pice, idiots, posers, people who act like thing that they clearly ain't, idiots who think they know everything when they clearly don't, etc. Basicly most people. Don't take it personally, its not you if you happen to be one. Its just the majority that I know personaly give you a bad name. Cause I like some of them, I've dated hippie once, she was alright. & I think goth, emo, & satanic girls are cute... its just.... well..... the guys annoy the hell out of me. & they also tend to be racist... againts japan... & you know how wrong that is....

I have a distinct way of talkin', Like talkin' instead of talking. Or wrold instead of world. Or evreh instead of ever.

Fav color, 1 green, 2 blue, 3 orange, 4 gray, 5 brown, 6 red, & any combo of them.........

Fav animal, penguin.

Fav band, do you have to guess? Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger.........

Movie, FMA, Conquer of Shambala, that movie kicked a**!

Punches, most people who get in my way & that I don't like.

I'm also very greedy. The good thing about that is, I NEVER sell things to ANYONE. I barely even trade. If I EVER pm you saying "Selling..." It probably isn't me, so don't do it. I have pretty crappy stuff anyway, & the only good things I have I wouldn't sell. So remember kids, don't buy stuff from me.

Sports, 1 boxin', 2 base ball, 3 Mutant League Football!!!, ARMPIT BALL!!!, Stinky Sock Ball!!!!, Mutant League Hockey!!!!!! Dodge ball, track, you know..

Food, Pie, puddin', Cheese Steaks, I can't live wit out my Cheese Steaks! Popcorn Chicken! Curly Fries!

Fav game, Spyro, name any one, AREA 51! THAT GAME KICKS a**!!! DooM!!!! NEDMCSYN!!! Digimon! Revenge of Shinobi!!! Ninja Gaiden! Kings Quest, name any one. Quest For Glory, name any one. Road Rash, name any one, X-sept for Road Rash 3, that one sucked. Hang On, Super Hang On, Golden Axe... Mike Tyson's Punch Out! NSMB!!! The list goes on, & on, & on, & on, Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard, Their shadows searching in the night, Streetlight people, living just to find emotion, Hiding, somewhere in the night.... Kick a** guitar solo.....

Lucky # 4 & 44692077

Most of my posts end wit a "..." dos one is no exception.......

Sleeps wit...... w......... women?

Pet name, Romeo, A Dutch hound, & "Chicito" or "The little one", he's a chiwawa.

Fav demons Imps, Oni, Kitsune, Neko, Yokai Ninja, Kama Itachi, them guys who eat faces, yeah.....

Hobbies, Art.... robotics..... video game making... Martial Arts.

Martial Artist in, Karate-do, Shuriken-do, Bo-jutsu, Nunchaku-do, Kusarigama-do, Kama-do, Ken-do, Capoeira, etc...


Weapon of choice, Shuriken or Kusarigama.

Bloodline, 1/2 native to the Dominican Republic or "Caribian", 7/16 Spanish, 1/16 Japanese.

Best country in the world, JAPAN!!!

My House
Here's My House X3

Ask me a question here ^w^

If anyone wants to know more, visit me at nunayobinis@yomama........ LOL Jk. PM me...... I'll add more latreh!

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Jorge M.!!!! (Just so you know, M. is my middle name, not last...)


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Lady Rhal

Report | 12/31/2015 1:49 pm

Lady Rhal

Hey....you still around? (This is Vamp Freak)

Report | 01/15/2012 3:56 pm


ello there :3 hehe long time huh
Herr Mannelig

Report | 12/30/2011 9:15 pm

Herr Mannelig

Happy birthday 4laugh

Report | 08/24/2011 11:51 pm


I started on Monday! Its fun so far~
Aw I hope they will get better soon! And that you'll get to go soon~

Report | 08/19/2011 3:15 pm


Ya hopefully
and that sounds awesome going to NYC~
Cute name for your kitty~
Herr Mannelig

Report | 08/17/2011 1:31 pm

Herr Mannelig

Yeah, except for that last part o:
Herr Mannelig

Report | 08/15/2011 12:45 pm

Herr Mannelig

Oh o{:
Sounds like you had fun o{:
When I wanna spend time with my dad I just go to where he works, a horse stable. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Report | 08/15/2011 10:54 am


oh wells if it happens it happens xD

Errrrr... my brother made grilled cheese one time... but it was undercooked... so i decided to make it the next time... and errrr... well.... both were so burned they were uneatable....
-Raises eyebrows- Secrets eh? Neh Whats one more? xD

Ohhhhh?!?!?! WOW This is great info! -scribbles it down- Wish I knew this for my research paper! Would've been good info to have!
And the mafia didn't die... if you look close enough you can still find current articles about crack downs and stuff... also i have more proof but for the sake my my life and my friend's life i'd rather not tell..

Bwahahaha! We did already have those rules! Me and my friend were just inforcing them since we are ViceCaptains.... but in no tie we quit the roleplay and then we restarted it by making a seperate guild for it... one of the rules is that you need to be part of the mother guild before you join the sister guild..

I was kidding....

Bwahahahahaah me? Kind? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Thats funny! no i'm just truthful xD

Report | 08/14/2011 8:05 pm


He squeezed my screen really hard so now it only shows whiteness
Also what are you planing to do in NYC~

Report | 08/14/2011 11:58 am


Nyah Thats cool... i do it all the time xD

Or I could try to make something and completely fail at it! [Did you hear about the grilled cheese incident?]
Ah Thatd be nice... if only i didn't have a leash [glares at parents]
OOOHHHH -facepalms- silly me! xD But thats a good excuse xD

I know that Sicily, but it's still part of Italy and it's not just Sicily.... theres a little mafia everywhere.... who knows... your best friend could be mafia and you wouldn't even know!!!! [I heard i'm living in a area that used to be the mafia capital of America.... not only did that creep me out but i has intrigued... xD] I just passed up the most recent chance to go for a school trip [but it costed $$$$ like alot... stupid rich kids]

Errrr... yea that is my problem... I have a hard time being active... cause after a while it's like homework and i want to put it off til the last moment... which makes me feel guilty... damn xD lol
But your right it all depends on the roleplayer... [And dont get me wrong i see bleach roleplayers that are VICIOUS!!!! I had to deal with one in one of my guilds... he blew up at us [meaning me and panda-chan... [or panda-chan and i]] then left the guild, and then rejoined after he cooled down... -_- [he was so nit picky that he edited someone else's post without her permission [edited what she said and her whole post.... and he was godmodding]

... there was that one time...
lol just kidding

Tis the truth forever


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