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Report | 06/24/2018 1:03 pm

Peachy Orange

sometimes it is annoying being an adult, but what can you do? you can still kinda be a child at hurt o u o
also i am doing fine so far how about you miss you!!
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Report | 06/24/2018 7:20 am

Peachy Orange

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Report | 12/09/2017 3:25 pm

Aeolian Harp

When you get a chance. Gaia mass-released items.
You can even get them on mules. They are really nice old LQI stuff c:
Bunch of nice things are cheap now too.
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Report | 03/28/2017 5:49 am

Aeolian Harp

Dmmd is set in Japan in da futureeee~~
Aoba is sent a super secret message from someone inside this gigantic dome where these rich people live and want to kick out all the lower income people from the island.
And it is BL sooo there will be scenes. I just really love Noiz and his voiceee User Image

Yea I think I was a tomboy in until like college? I hated wearing dresses and skirts and opted for sweatpants and pants.
Now I wear skirts and dresses all the time though xD

If you do it is pretty pricey. I can tell you what works for me and if there is any way for you to spend some money.
The stuff I bought was like 200 bucks e-e;;
I did get new paints though so now I can use acrylics whenever I want!
It seems a bit challenging. Someone used tweezers to place them.
And yup the factory paint comes right off! It is amazing how a hand painted face can change a doll.

Lol wow really? I pictured him like an old school punk with a spiky mohawk xD
Do you mind he has a bob?

And yw!! hope you enjoy!
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Report | 03/27/2017 5:21 pm

Aeolian Harp

Trying dropbox D:
It is 1gb so it could take a while. If it works Dx
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Report | 03/27/2017 5:20 pm

Aeolian Harp

Ooooh! I love VNs for stories too. I was really into a yaoi one called Dramatical Murder xD
I have seen red string on steam too c:

That is soooo cute and awesome for your dad to have made you dresses. It sucks that he got conscious though sad

Lol hope this is a project I actually follow through on. I will def send you some if I ever do it!!
I need to go buy a few things tomorrow from the dollar store. Acetone, eyelashes, and other crap xD

Yeees I loved Diary. I used to go to my aunts house and just read them since she got them for her sons.
My siblings and I just read them all xD
There was a time my aunt would tell us she got new ones and we would rush for em :p

Let me see if I can upload my zips. Do you know any file sites?User Image
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Report | 03/27/2017 12:38 pm

Aeolian Harp

I think I heard of Lads in Distress. Ohh forgot to mention there may be a bunch of VN popping up since March is NaMonthly Visual Novel Month or something like that xD
Yeah I have used skidrow before. I believe that is where I actually got my dl too :>
Your dad can sew :c ??

Yeah I can only use a needle and thread. There is an old sewing machine that the previous homeowners left here but I think it is broken?
My grandma may also have a sewing machine around since she used to be able to make clothes and blankets mad

I think something just cute for the face xD?
The first one I make I just want to experiment and have fun! I'm so excited about making wigs too!! Some of these people have amazing ideas
and are so creative!! Like they make wigs from acrylic yarn??
I want to try sewing something gothic lolita for my dolls!

And lol at the bear game. Reminds me of the Cheritz game where you dated an animal that was a bishounen :p
Dandelion I believe?
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Report | 03/27/2017 11:13 am

Aeolian Harp

I'll try those when I have time! You know I love me some otome gammeees. I still love mystic messenger to death especially when my OTP is canon for once heart
Do you happen to know if any of those are stat raising games? I like my datign sims to have stat raising for a stupid reason. Also on nico'sblog I believe there was a link to Backstage pass. okk nvm it is on this site. It's a state raising fully voiced otome game. I also like Lucky Rabbit Reflex!
I learned to sew a bit when I was in middle/high school in my Chinese school and I can patch up holes. Making clothes is a totally different thing though! I'll check out the channel when I get home.
I'm on Gaia while trying to do some blackboard posts at internship loool.
There also tutorials that teach you how to make your own clothes on youtube, tumblr, forums c:
If I can repaint this doll right I'd love to go to a craft store and just go ham and lace and stuff xD
If you are interested you can search for OOAK. It means one of a kind.
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Report | 03/27/2017 10:29 am

Aeolian Harp

omg omg omg what have you done to me xDD
I was actually looking up how to repaint Monster High Dolls yesterday. I think I'm going to attempt it! Ordered a shiiitload of crap last night and hope to get it this week!!
I might try during Spring Break!! I'm so exciteddd!! I've always wanted a BJD to dress up and make clothes for hahaha..
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Report | 03/26/2017 1:16 pm

Aeolian Harp

I havent gotten a chance!! Was out yesterday and just got back from volunteering!!
Also found out group paper due April 6 so fire is under my a** again while I try to play catch up with work due this week loool.
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Report | 03/24/2017 3:51 pm

Aeolian Harp

Loool yea I saw the weed mod!! I ll make my bf try it :p
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Report | 03/24/2017 11:56 am

Aeolian Harp

I believe I had it installed but it wasn't working for me. Never got to get more crops.
Was there an updated version?
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Report | 03/24/2017 11:41 am

Aeolian Harp

That is no good! For reals! I haven't gone on zOMG recently. I went on when it came back for a few mins and saw some people at papa saw.
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Report | 03/24/2017 11:33 am

Aeolian Harp

lolol ty!
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Report | 03/19/2017 6:41 am

Aeolian Harp

Lol sure of course!! I regret selling my sugar rush sad (
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Report | 03/19/2017 6:23 am

Aeolian Harp

As much as I would love to I need to finish my essay Dx
Went out the whole day yesterday which I totally had not planned.
User Image 6-8 page paper.
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Report | 03/19/2017 6:16 am

Aeolian Harp

I am only 10 CL on zomg Dx
I have never been to the 10+ places.
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Report | 03/19/2017 6:08 am

Aeolian Harp

User Image
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Report | 03/17/2017 8:53 am

Aeolian Harp

Yea I saw your cute little cyclops avatar too c: !!
Conniver M is such a cute item~

Did you get anything you liked from the 5 pack?
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Report | 03/16/2017 10:07 am

Aeolian Harp

Cute avatars!!
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