HEY EVERYONE! Welcome to my page! My past names have been: kisame_anime_boi, Ninja_Nari, A Hidden Guardian Angel, iRandom Kiba, and iYaoi Kiba-- but most people just call me Kiba.

So.....What to say about me..?
I'm a Fish.
A Shota
Emotional. Very. Very Emotional;;
I'm a Yandere when pushed. But nothing compared to a good friend of mine;; So Don't mess with-- ...N-Nevermind.

I have nothing specifically against noobs, as long as they aren't beggers. No one likes a begger, right?

I've been on gaia for well over a year..or three~

I was pushed out of my mother's v****a on May 31. I'm at the age of 1- Not telling ;3
I live in the U.S. of A. .. .. ..unfortunately. WELCOME TO THE PLACE OF BAD HEALTHCARE notformebecauseimMilitary, ***** IN EVERY CANDY STOREnotthatimind-shot-, RAPISTS ON EVER STREETimttlynotinthatcount, AND THE LAND OF WALKING FATASSESaghwaaai-cries-! -Shot- Yeah. America. Not as great as they think. xD

Lets see. Wanna know my personality? I bet not. I'll tell'ya anyways~ :'D
I hate a large fear of losing close friends as well as being alone in the world.
I'm pansexual, however...I learn towards males because I'm very submissive and uke;;; Q//Q

I-I enjoy drawing, b-but I'm not very good at it. ; u;''
However, I'm always told otherwise.
You can see my drawings Right Hurr.


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Kiba's Adventures~~

The adventures only I would ever go through on this day.

My wonderful adventures on Gaia online.



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neko kitty sasuke 4laugh heart

Anatomical Doll

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Anatomical Doll

I like ur avi.
n ur profile made me lolz XD

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Thats awesome! surprised c I've never lived anywhere outside of Oregon, myself, so that sounds pretty crazy. I bop on here every once in awhile, just because its kinda fun, and to talk to people like you!
I'm 16 now surprised c happened on the 26th of Juuune

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Tiring, truthfully! But I'm doing okay, in general. How have you been? ^^

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Ohi Kibabutt =w=

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hello there

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Why hello :3 I really love your Avi smile
  the toon hero

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the toon hero

oSurpriseS e x

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oSurpriseS e x

Ohai <o<..
One HeII of a Butler

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One HeII of a Butler

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Kasane Teto


~Why, I'm nothing more than~

That's okay! And DJKLASJDLASJDK--- CRAPPP. Dx>
Well... I could always help you with the quests to get leveling done faster? ; n; I hate servers... B[

~One hell of a(n) butler Utauloid ~



[i:d9ceafa767]Just keep in mind,
No amount of books
Can teach me what you taught me.
"Life." [/color:d9ceafa767][/size:d9ceafa767][/align:d9ceafa767][/i:d9ceafa767]