Profile: iKaede
Name: not telling that on my profile
Age: were born in 450 BC
Gender: Female
Fav Colors: White, black, purple & red
Fav books: twilight, heartstopper,
Fav Movies: Twilight, the grudge, blackwater & the last song
Eyes: blue, green & grey. some sort of combination of those x3
Hair: Dark brow
Hight: 160 centimeters
Weight: 101,2. [i used a kilo to pounds calculator so i'm not sure if this is right x3]
Fav artists: Rebecca black, devin fox & jenna rose [lol, i'm just kidding]

I remember when:

Anything angelic or demonic was a must..

Refreshing, Shaking Trees, and posting in forums were the ONLY way to get gold..

When seeing more than four people on towns was a party..

No one was afraid to be friendly..

When you started Gaia, all you got was peasants attire..

The typed in Cupid Emote, was the only way to hit anyone with anything in towns..

When presents and trunks appeared in towns, everyone needed to know..

When No Mouth was taken away..

Shovels, and nets were REQUIRED to pick up anything..

403 message made you into a hypochondriac..

Fox ears, and tail went with anything..

Shadow people in Towns, was usually all that you saw of one another..

UFOs once flew..

Humping was just another formal greeting..

The "coolest" spot, was always in the shadow of the tree.. (pun intended)

Ninja headband was everyone's goal..

Majority of people were dedicated to one address..

The glitch of putting an item on, and then re-equipping from inventory made you think you were one rich Gaian..

Being random was the norm..

Nothing was better than having a couple of friends along for the ride.

I really miss that time


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