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Report | 08/07/2011 6:20 pm

Lmfao x33

ur cheating on me<///3
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Report | 07/22/2011 4:05 pm


Copy and paste this to 2 pros, and you'll get 300,000 Gold, It works! *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *po
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Report | 07/20/2011 8:41 pm


Day Tree :3
~I am going to make this writing REALLY REALLY small. I hop you have a fun time reading this ^___^ But okay. So like today, I FINALLY put air conditioners in my windows cause it was 90 something degrees and nobody could take the heat anymore. So we finally put them in. And now its REALLY cold in my house. And I want to take them out xD I dont really know. My dog is laying down whining right now. He's silly. xD Hes a big baby bear some people call him. Cause he a baby but he is so big he looks like a bear to some people. LOL. But HEY. I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO WORK ON A NEW ACCOUNT?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! LoL. ;3 Justin Timberlake is on the tv right now :bb You know. I make these things like a paragraph long everyday. Wanna know why?! CAUSE I LOVE YOU<3 ;D Welp my quarter to midnight snack is done so ill talk to you later. Buh-Bye ;3
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Report | 07/19/2011 6:53 pm


Your stalker speeking ;D, Well hellow. I see you're still rockin the fat suit.(; Ohh it turns me on;* Lmao. Just kitten. I bet some people who dont know you are really a guy and really think your a girl might think I'm a lesbian for saying that. Lol. Oh well. They're dumb. Unless you really are a girl.... o.o xP But dude, seriously. You really need to do something about that he/she thing. Even if you make a new account. I dont know. Ill help you get clothes and stuff for that account but you really need to fix that. It bugs me. I dont know why. And all the people you meet in Rally or V.H might actually think your a girl when your a guy and i dont know its just strange. So yeah. make a new account and I will help you with whatever you need. But Im out for today. Pce<3
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Report | 07/19/2011 2:19 pm


Niiiicceee Avii xDDD
saidugasuidgasuigda's avatar

Report | 07/18/2011 8:35 pm


Okay. So like Imma stalk you from now on. So like yeah.

DAY 1;;
Uhm, what the ********. Im not on your profile. What the ********. I demand you to put me on your profile right now you he/she! ;D Okay, now uhm, i dont really know what to say, but its upsetting that you got hacked and you're friend quit cause she got hacked. You better not quit on me. I love my retard. I DO NOT know what I would to without my cookie eating retard. hes just so fxckin amazing ;D
Uhm, okay now i really dont know what else to say but uhm yeah do not quit on me
Ill be back tomorrow
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Report | 07/14/2011 8:37 pm

x-iM Dumb

Give this teddy bear to every person that you care about, including me if you care. ♥ (:
Try to collect 10!
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Report | 07/14/2011 7:56 pm


your profile backround hurts my eyeballs
x-rainha's avatar

Report | 07/14/2011 2:04 pm


iiEatYahCookiewashacked's avatar

Report | 07/14/2011 2:02 pm


condoms my username explains it i was hacked and if i dont get mostly all my friends back im quitting gaia please help get my frends back v.v
x-rainha's avatar

Report | 07/14/2011 1:51 pm


:O what the hell rong with your avi? O.o lol x]
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Report | 06/27/2011 11:34 pm

Master of Constellations

Thank you for buying my scarf, I hope you enjoy it
saidugasuidgasuigda's avatar

Report | 05/31/2011 1:27 pm


You Dont Eat My Cookie. What Are You Talking About? LOL. x]
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Report | 05/13/2011 9:33 pm


Thanks for purchasing scream
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Report | 05/12/2011 12:47 pm


Woah, dadda is a penguin AND HAS A FLUFFY BELLY THAT'S FEELS LIKE JELLY!! heh smile )
Front Bottoms's avatar

Report | 05/04/2011 3:29 pm

Front Bottoms

Thanks for purchasing x
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Report | 04/13/2011 1:23 pm


shut up bro
iiDrinkYahMilky's avatar

Report | 04/13/2011 1:13 pm


i just copyed ur backpack
iiDrinkYahMilky's avatar

Report | 04/08/2011 7:15 am


enjoy ur skittles backpack

You woke up one morning and saw me in your bed laying next to u what would u do?

1) Go back to sleep
2) Slap me
3) Cuss me out
4) Stop drinking so much. Damn!
5) Just tell me to leave
6) Climb on top of me and cuddle
7) F**k me
8 ) Make me breakfast
9) Ask me my name
10) Call the cops
11) Other (Please specify)
12) kiss me
13) say good morning
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Report | 03/31/2011 5:13 pm


ello smile
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