Hey waz up ma name iz Haarisah and i guess ima kool person 2 hang out wit..I live in moreno valley at tha time and ive been livin out here for pretty much all my life..Im mixed with black,white,mexican,indian,and irish..Just tellin u so ur aware.. well thats all 4 now.. Dueces


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Haarisah's journal

My body is slowly dieng, god i feel like crying, my heart doesnt beat, these eyes wont sleep, these hands are numb, this brain, its done, my tounge cant speak, these legs are week, i feel it no more pain, the blood no longer rushes through these vains, one last breath, thats it nothing left, my soul is free, thats it i found it in me....



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Report | 03/07/2009 11:08 pm


hey sorry for the late reply, i took a break from gaia for a while. hows it going?
ni hao elaine

Report | 06/24/2008 10:07 am

ni hao elaine

Well that's 'causee...when I'm around a guy I like,

I either act mean & mentally insane or so shy it's hard to formulate words.


& Chinese food's alright. I eat it everyday since I'm Chinese so it's tiring at times.

Report | 06/23/2008 11:22 pm


chillin too. im bored tho

Report | 06/23/2008 10:33 pm


ni hao elaine

Report | 06/23/2008 5:40 am

ni hao elaine

15 finally! : D

& yeah, o' course it is.

What other foods do you like?
ni hao elaine

Report | 06/22/2008 2:51 pm

ni hao elaine

Ah I see.

Can't offer any advice though; barely any experience with guys.


I'm not too fond of crabs. Lobsters are better. :]
ni hao elaine

Report | 06/22/2008 1:56 pm

ni hao elaine

Oooh what sorta problems now? o.o

Sorry once again for being nosy.


What kinda food you like?
ni hao elaine

Report | 06/22/2008 10:38 am

ni hao elaine

Relationship with whooo? O:

If you don't mind me being nosy. o.o;;

& yeah, food is good.

That rhymed-ish. : D
ni hao elaine

Report | 06/21/2008 1:14 pm

ni hao elaine

Boi drama? o.o

& I'm doing just lovely.

Just a bit hungry though.
ni hao elaine

Report | 06/19/2008 5:42 am

ni hao elaine


So how are you doing? :]


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