Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Student
University: Major - Fine Arts, Minor - Psychology
College: Beautician/Hair Dresser (inc. makeup, skin, nails)


I love gaming, always have, always will. I'm frequently on Gaia, Minecraft, League of Legends (if you play, add me! My name is Misty Night, just let me know you're adding me from Gaia), I love playing Sims (PC), and I'm a Nintendo girl to my core. Legend of Zelda is of course my favourite series of console games. I also consider myself a bit of a nerd, due to the gaming, as well as the fact that I play Magic the Gathering, and also Dungeons and Dragons sometimes (if I get a good group and we can find a DM). A couple other hobbies of mine include drawing (obviously, since I am an artist), and reading - fantasy mostly.


cℓιcκ тσ vιƨιт мʏ qʋɛƨт тняɛα∂!!

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cℓιcκ тσ vιƨιт мʏ ƨκɛтcн ƨнσρ!!

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ummm... I think I'll just write about whatever comes up in my life...


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cool avi
Blood Fxtish

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Blood Fxtish

Dat avi. <3

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I've actually been rocking the "insomniac crazed customer service rep" really well for the past few days, lol~
I've had a fever the past couple of days, too, so needless to say... my motivation has been a bit lacking. //shame

How have you been doing?

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ermahgurd, I'm so excited XD
Tomorrow I'm going to dress up as a nerd. Maybe find some black-rimmed 3D glasses and pop out the lenses... little tap in the middle... haha~!
And bucked teeth!! Omg, I'd get so many looks, going grocery shopping xP

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I get to work with billing and gaming help for a really good company (not allowed to say which one).
So it's still customer service, just a different type! All of my previous jobs were in food service, so there wasn't anything techy XD
But since I am a techy, I thought I would try something new. Broaden the horizons, you know?

I dress up all October long XD I know, it's crazy. But I enjoy it. And now that I work from home, I can actually keep up my tradition, haha!
I'm fairly certain my roommate and I will be throwing some sort of party. But not completely sure what exactly that will entail, yet~

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Oh, yay! I'm glad to see that you're alright! :3
Moving is always a sort of stressful and time-consuming job. I'm such a tumbleweed that I've gotten pretty used to it, and sort of enjoy bouncing from place to place.
Sad, I know XD

I've finally started training for my new job, this passed week, and today I'm back to that grind.
So far training has been pretty fun, though. A lot of the people are friendly, and don't have stick up their butts, which is cool lol~
Other than that it's just been keeping up with RPs, and getting ready for Samhain 03 0

Halloween is my most favourite holiday, EVAR.

Haha, penpals would be a good idea. I have a friend back in Cali that sends me things, from time to time, but having an actual pal for writing would be kinda cool.
I've always been better at writing than talking, anyway XD

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its okay and your welcome 3nodding

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You have such a lovely avi and profile heart

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Not to worry about delays :3 I know that life has its little hitches, and internet is a jerk, lol
But I am glad to see that you're doing alright?

Were you able to reinstall your Sims, so that you can play your games again? I'm so excited to get Sims 4! o 3o
But I have to save up a little money, before I can go and spend the "new game" prices that our world has come to. *le sigh~

I'm so glad you got the reference!! XD I miss the original series. All of the stuff they have now seems pretty ridiculous, to me.

I haven't ever heard of Sanderson, so I'll definitely be looking him up! My library is freakin' huge, and any chance I can expand it is most welcome lol

Awww, thank you~! :3 I haven't been doing a whole lot of art, recently, but I'm trying. I usually get images in my head, and then get frustrated because I can't get the shapes right. I know it shouldn't frustrated me, but I guess it does now because I used to be able to draw what I saw. Now there's so much detail in my mind I start to feel overwhelmed and doubt I can do it. >.<

Thanks to the advancement of the digital age XD I do kinda miss the written letter, though.
I remember getting them a lot, as a kid. Now? The most I get is written in my birthday card from my mum XD

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What online games do you play? I've recently downloaded Skyrim onto my laptop, but that isn't really "online."
My roommate is trying to get me into WoW XD But I've played Everquest, in the past, and that was pretty fun!

Yeah, I haven't been collecting for a while, either. Not since most of the new ones came out (like the new Phyrexia, and such?)
And I don't believe in building a deck just to take someone down. I picked each card of my decks because I thought they suited me and my style.
To steal YuGiOh's references, "It's the heart of the cards, dude!" XD

At the moment I'm really into J.R. Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, as well as Karen Moning's Fever series.
Of course Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series is starting to draw my attentions >.>
I like dark fantasy, with a little romance~ LOL Of course historical fictions, like the Outlander series are book I believe no one could ever go wrong with 3nodding

This is a link to my DA account --> DeviantArt!
Princess Diana is right at the top, on the left :3 And of course everything else I've drawn since high school (well, mostly) is on there, too.
I've never taken any art classes (other than culinary arts), except for as an elective in high school. So I'm probably not as well skilled as you are XD
But I'd love to see some of your work!

I actually only knew as much about paints as I was taught in school XD So actually a great deal of that was wonderful information!
I've worked mostly with acrylics and oil paints. I really enjoy oil pastels, though. Probably because it's painting and drawing at the same time hahaha~
I'll have to make sure I can find those brands and supplies, here. I've freshly moved to a new city, so I'm not sure what all is available. But I'm sure I could find it online, if I really needed to :3


And don't worry about writing me novels, lmao~
I love reading and writing, and anyone that holds an actual conversation with me.
So you will never hear me complain XD


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