' Well Hello There My Name Is, Well You Dont Need To Know My Name Yet, In Good Time Once We're Friends Ill Tell You.

Im 14 yrs. old and unless your a stalker you really dont need to know where I live.

For people who are wondering what etnicity I am or whatnots... I'm Vietnamese and I dont care what ethnicity you are i dont judge people by ethnicity much so yeah.

If you continue reading you'll find my likes,dislikes, etc.etc.

And before you continue one more thing,
I dont really like judgemental people so if you wont accept me for who i am and for what i like etc.
Then you should just leave now, If not then please proceed and I hope we can be good friends.


Favorite Animes:
-Shugo Chara!/Doki!!/Party!
-Gakuen Alice
-Ayashi No Ceres
-Skip Beat!
-And MUCH MUCH More!!

Favorite Manga:
-Shinsei Doumei Cross
-Gokkun Pucho!
-Lets Get Married
-Hana Kimi
-Alice 19th
-And MUCH MUCH More!!

Favorite Books:
-Twilight Saga
-Marked (House Of Night Series)
-Vampire Academy (VA Series)
-Alchemyst (The Immortal Secrets Of Nickolas Flamel Series)
-City Of Bones - City Of Ashes - City Of Glass (Trilogy)
-And Quite a Bit More.

Current Favorite Songs/ Artists/ Types Of Music
-Its You- Super Junior
-Into The New World- SNSD
-When You Believe- Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
-Love With No Regrets- Raymond Lam
-Swear- Linda Chung
-And A Lot Of Other Stuff o-o

Favorite TV Shows:
-Wizards Of Waverly Place
-Vampire Diaries
-Life With Derek
-Suite Life Of Zack & Cody / On Deck
-Sonny With a Chance
-And More.

Favorite Movies:
-Wizards Of Waverly Place The Movie
-Twitches 1 & 2
-Rush Hour 3
-Twilight Saga (Waiting For Other Movies)
-X-Men 1 & 2 & Last Stand

-Rude People
And cant think of much else, Dont really remember what I hate until I see it.

I also love and treasure my friends and everyone else in my life so if your a friend of mine you can always trust me no problem. If you really wonder if you can or not, doesnt matter, just keep msging me and such and just get to know me and im sure we'll be great friends. So add me and lets just get to know each other . ; )

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Report | 12/24/2010 7:03 pm


Nothing too new for me either. :3
Just twice as much schoolwork from last year. xD;;

Report | 12/23/2010 2:12 pm


woahhh, hello again!
welcome back! :]
yeahh, about hotmail, i think i got hacked on that account. :T
so i couldn't really use it. xD;
anyway, how have you been? C:
Athena Stills and Nash

Report | 06/15/2010 7:46 pm

Athena Stills and Nash

hey ICYSerenity

I also like Gakuen Alice both in manga and in anime smile )

Report | 03/03/2010 9:09 pm


.______. dont tell me you quitted OOO:


Report | 02/22/2010 5:24 pm


-_____________________________- f.u.b

Report | 01/19/2010 9:05 am


you still got any items?

Report | 01/15/2010 3:29 pm


Please come home i miss you like crazy DX I MISS YOU

Report | 01/03/2010 1:52 pm


;~; i keep noticing you are gone don't think i forgot about you ;~; COME HOME D;
x__P a n d a - C h i

Report | 12/22/2009 5:24 pm

x__P a n d a - C h i

Aww .. Bye bye <3

Report | 12/22/2009 12:36 pm


did you quit? D: