Azphelumbra, Gaians!

The name's iBrightScales, but you can call me Felicity.
I'm 17 [12/17/92], but I can act like a four-year old at times.

Formerly bunnie_vamp and Anachronistic Vampire.
Super awesome name change(s)!

Facts about iBrightScales[Felicity]:

1.I live in the United States, more specifically Louisiana. I'm not very fond of it, but before long I'll be old enough to get as far away from here as I please :]

2. I adore anime and manga. There are way too many for me to list here, but if you ask me if I like a certain anime or manga, chances are I'll most likely say yes. I love to talk about anime and manga! So feel free to message me about it. If you're looking for something new to read or watch, I'll give suggestions, and I also love taking suggestions.

3. I also love to read books in general. Though I am more picky with novels than I am with manga, I still tend to like most things I read. Most of the time, there is no need to ask me what I am doing, because I am almost ALWAYS reading. I love being able to escape into the world of a book and never knowing what the end might be. Books are amazing <3

4. Music is a major part of my life. Music and reading go together, as a sort of pair for me. I usually listen to music while I read. I love every genre of music except for rap and r&b. Those two just make me want to beat my head against a wall. Or maybe cut my arms off and throw them at old people. D<

5. I'm very interested in Japanese culture and anything to do with Japan. I plan on taking a long trip to Japan after high school.

6. I am a gamer, if you couldn't tell by the whole,"azphelumbra" thing.
Aion is my life, and it's the main reason I don't get on much anymore.
I'm now playing WoW again, Blood Elf Mage ftw! Hit me up if you play, especially if you have a toon on Stormscale or Kil'Jaeden.

7. I have a strange sense of humor. Dead baby jokes are pretty much my favorite things on the face of the earth. Not the ***** ones, but the funny ones. Don't get me wrong, I love babies! But they're quite funny jokes anyway.
ex: "Why are test tube babies the most beautiful ones?
'Because they're hand made.' "

Now, isn't that funny?

8. I hate text talk and illiteracy. If you know how to spell a word then spell it correctly, and if you don't then spell check it or ask some one. Just don't message me with that text talk s**t and expect me to reply.

9. Another reason why I don't get on much is because of work, though it is definitely not the main reason. I make smoothies. Yay.

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O herro.

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cool avi
Mecca Against Reality

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Mecca Against Reality

Felbear, I miss you. ;[

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Thanks for buying! Have a great day, and come again! biggrin

hardcore doggystyle

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hardcore doggystyle

It hardly counts as disappearance if you don't make an effort to look for someone.

hardcore doggystyle

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hardcore doggystyle

Haven't disappeared any more than you have.

Thought I'd say hi. Sorry if that bothers you.

hardcore doggystyle

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hardcore doggystyle

Oh, hello~

It's certainly been a while.
kresha darkblood

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kresha darkblood

While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man wishing he could whisper softly in her ear... While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND and INSULT her, there's a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her. While you make your women CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her... Post this on your wall if you're against Domestic Violence
kresha darkblood

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kresha darkblood

i be lord shasomoron


[click to stare at me.]

"What should mean nothing to you
has left a poison running straight from your lips
and into, lead to, the poison I'm becoming."

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