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Amazing Gaians

Donations in general
Gotta Love this Gaian's
this guys are amazing met them in towns and
gave me a little something for my quest <3
thank you.
**Things to treasure for ever**
*~[Kira Yamato]~

*Eristics ** something amazing to treasure **
*Aidan Ravyneborne
*Robotic McMuffen
*Za Torappu
*Hisha Mun
*Styxx Nebula
*Luna de Nuit


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Hello I'm Mori
Im 26 currently living in the states,with my elder sis and taking care of my baby niece.
Soon to start Culinary School this August smile Yay
Bachelor's Of Graphic Arts and Design's.
Bachelor's Of Photography razz
I love anime and Video Games.
I'm Taken.
I love my gaia'n Friends you know who you are.
that's all.

Yes currently "Not Cos-Playing"

recent cos play's:
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