Where do I start..
Name: Malevolence// Mal// Akito// Daddy = w=
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 190
Eye color: Blue but they change.
Skin: Pale emotion_kirakira
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: f*ck this sh*t
Whether I pay attention to you: Pm me and we'll see.
Do I roleplay: Yes. Pm what you like and we'll see from there.
Gamer: Looks up with controller in hand// No. e_e
Drink/Smoke: Yes and yes.
Female//Male: Good luck finding out.

I want to eat your heart, if that is quite all right. You are all so beautiful! emotion_bigheart

Oh and if you people are curious what I look like I got a new picture now~! ;3 I know I look like some weird gender confused squirrel~ Cause to all my friends, I am a he and a she.


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Hey,hvnt talked to u in awhile are u still playing?

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^^ Hello, how have you been?

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heart Your sexy hair inspired me ;D
Lol although I will change again.

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oh heys, and damn that sucks D:
God of Porn

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God of Porn

You don't have to make an account. Just clear your catche.
God of Porn

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God of Porn

Thanks for showing me TWO things now. :'D
God of Porn

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God of Porn

I just watched the America one
Funny sh*t
I'll probably end up watching them all.
God of Porn

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God of Porn

I hadn't realized you replied. :c
And I will. Is is like history of every country?
God of Porn

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God of Porn

That sounds like fun. :3 I wanna learn history!
God of Porn

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God of Porn

What's Hetalia? I googled it and got a lot of little characters. >.<
I'm doing good. biggrin Weekend was good and I got my submarine capsule! :'D
I'm finally a Pokemon master!


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