I used to have a bunch of random crap here, but then decided that it was just a waste of space. So, I have decided to put some actual information in this floating box of wonders.


Name: Sarah, Granola, Holy, etc..
Lives in : Florida
Narwhals: Yesss
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color: Ash Blonde
Shoe size: 7 1/2

About Sarah

- She likes narwhals
- She won't give you any information that isn't on here
- She also enjoys random PMs and comments
- She accepts all friend requests, unless she has never seen you before
- She loves music
- If you also enjoy music, she will give you a cookie
- She is not normal
- She sometimes talks to trees
- She is a pretty good artist, but lacks a tablet (sadness)
- She is retarded when it comes to computers
- She plans to marry Johnny Depp
- She likes narwhals moar than you
- She is random
- Her deoderant is vanilla scented
- She will honestly tell you if you smell funny
- She likes narwhals
- She is running ou of things to put here...
- She thinks you should add a comment... NOW.


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angel of heaven_14

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angel of heaven_14

Thx for buying!

~angel of heaven_14

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LOL Ur Welcome

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Cute Profile smile )


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