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Date of Birth: 31st July, 1980.

Date of Death: Unknown.

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Distinguishing Characteristics: Most famously, a scar shaped like a bolt of lightning on his forehead, caused by Voldemort's attempt to kill him with the Avada Kedavra curse . Harry looks just like his father, James, except for his green eyes which he gets from his mother, Lily. Harry has round glasses, and until the defeat of Voldemort, could speak Parseltongue (snake language), which is a very rare abilit.

Heritage: Half-Blood.

Family: Only son of James and Lily Potter (both deceased). Distant descendant of Ignotus Peverell, co-creator of the Deathly Hallows, through his father's side. Adopted very begrudgingly by his aunt Petunia Dursley and her husband Vernon. Years after his defeat of Voldemort, Harry married Ginny Weasley, and the couple has three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna.

General: Harry was born on 31st July 1980 to Lily and James Potter, formerly the golden couple of Hogwarts and then active members of the Order of the Phoenix. During their time in the Order, James and Lily had encountered Lord Voldemort on three occasions and escaped each time. This was to prove crucial, as it rendered Harry one of two possible subjects of a prophecy Sybill Trelawney made before his birth. This prophecy, in turn, drove the actions of Voldemort which led to Harry's life changing dramatically. It stated that someone with the power to defeat the Dark Lord would be born as July drew to a close. The exact words of this prediction meant it could apply to Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom; Voldemort, perhaps unwisely, chose Potter, and set out to destroy him when he was too young to defend himself.

He made his move on the night of 31st October 1981 when Harry was just 15 months old. The Potters knew Voldemort had singled them out to be murdered--Severus Snape had tipped him off about the partial contents of the prophecy. Albus Dumbledore advised them to go into hiding and use a Fidelius Charm, and they chose a village called Godric's Hollow as their refuge. Unfortunately, there was a spy in the Order of the Phoenix, and that very man was chosen as Secret Keeper for the charm. Peter Pettigrew, their Secret Keeper and friend from Hogwarts days, decided to have three innocent people killed in order to enhance his reputation with his dark master.

Before the Potters knew they were betrayed, Voldemort himself turned up on their doorstep. James tried to hold Voldemort off at first so that his wife could escape with their son, but he was cut down and the Dark Lord moved on to corner Lily. She begged him to kill her instead of her son. Though Voldemort would have honoured Snape's request to let Lily live had she relinquished her son, she continued to block his way, and so he killed her and then tried to kill Harry. He failed to realise the significance of the powerful magic of sacrificial love, so the curse rebounded off Harry and hit Voldemort instead. Interestingly enough it didn't kill him either, because of the Horcruxes he had made to keep his soul earthbound, making them the only two people ever to survive the Avada Kedavra curse. Unbeknownst to either of them, the near-death that destroyed Voldemort's body also tore a further piece of soul from his already-damaged one. The fragment of soul entered the only other living being in the area: Harry himself, making Harry Voldemort's final Horcrux before he returned to his body. Though Voldemort never recognized this fact, it is this which gave Harry such a powerful link with the Dark Lord, including his ability to speak Parseltongue.

However, the problems for Voldemort which arose from his decision to attack Harry didn't end with Harry's survival and his own near-demise. Not only was the baby alive and well, but many of Voldemort's powers passed into him. This, along with Harry's genetic luck, helped to make Harry a young wizard of great ability in many areas, especially that of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Following the failed attack Voldemort fled to Albania, his physical body stripped from him, where he hid for more than a decade. Peter Pettigrew rescued his master's wand and used his Animagus skills to live for the next 12 years as a rat. Hogwarts gamekeeper Hagrid brought Harry from the wreckage of the Godric's Hollow house to a rendezvous with Professor Dumbledore at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging. Suddenly orphaned, Harry was moved away from the wizarding world for his entire childhood and grew up as a Muggle with his only living relatives - the exceptionally unpleasant Dursleys.

The protection given to Harry by his mother's sacrifice would last just as long as he remained a part of her family, (though it would expire in any case once he turned of age). Petunia Dursley was the only one he could live with safely, no matter how antagonistic she was. Therefore Dumbledore - knowing Voldemort was not truly vanquished - did what he could to protect "The Chosen One". Harry's aunt and uncle despised the wizarding world and all the abnormality it stood for, and he was treated as an inconvenience rather than a child. He was forced to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs whilst his cousin Dudley had two bedrooms, and there remained a guest room which went untouched. He had no possessions, and wore only ridiculously large hand-me-downs clothes. Dudley beat Harry up whenever he could waddle fast enough to catch him.

Harry unwittingly defended himself through a number of magical incidents over the course of his time in Little Whinging. He once spontaneously Apparated himself on to the school roof when he was being chased by Dudley's gang, caused his hair to grow back overnight after Petunia had shaved his head, and most notably he released a Boa Constrictor at London Zoo by causing the glass in front of its tank to vanish. Knowing nothing of the world of wizards and magic, he didn't recognise these things for what they were at the time. Everything became clear, however, one Tuesday morning in 1991 when a most unusual thing happened: he went to fetch the post and discovered a letter addressed to him! Harry had never had a letter before in his life, and Uncle Vernon certainly wasn't going to let him have this one.

Despite their hatred for magic, both Vernon and Petunia had at least a passing knowledge of the wizarding world - enough, certainly, to know a Hogwarts letter when they saw it, as Petunia had once received one herself when Dumbledure gently turned down her childhood request to attend Hogwarts on the grounds of her lack of magical ability. Perturbed by this development (and no doubt seeing keeping him at home as a lesser evil than having him turn magical), they took every step possible to stop him getting his hands on any of the 180 letters or so that were delivered over the next week. They even rowed out to a small hut on a tiny rock in the sea to escape the unending flow of Owl Post, but it was to no avail. Eventually Rubeus Hagrid himself delivered a letter by hand, and however large Vernon is, he was no match for a half-giant. Harry finally had his introduction to the wizarding world, and he started at Hogwarts that September.

Although worried at first because of his total ignorance of the magical scene, Harry quickly adapted to life at Hogwarts. He made friends - he'd never had any of these before because nobody wanted Dudley to think they liked his favorite victim - and a new enemy or two. Armed with a supple wand made of holly and with a phoenix feather core, Harry found he had a real aptitude in a number of magical disciplines, as well as a talent for breaking rules and getting into trouble. In particular he was a natural flyer and Quidditch player, and became the youngest Seeker for any of the four school teams in over 100 years . From his first match onwards he has maintained the impressive record over all his years at Hogwarts (when he wasn't banned) of never failing to win the game for his team, except when he's been attacked by Dementors or a fanatical substitute Keeper. He flew a Firebolt given to him by Sirius Black until its loss after his sixth year.

School life did not protect him from danger, however, and it certainly didn't keep him out of the reaches of Voldemort. He was actually in greater peril at Hogwarts than he was in Privet Drive, no matter how much Dudley beat him up. Outdoing his parents, Harry in fact defied the Dark Lord on no less than five occasions since his encounter with him in infancy: he outsmarted him in his quest to get his hands on the Philosopher's Stone, he defeated him (as Tom Riddle) in the Chamber of Secrets, he escaped from him in the graveyard at Little Hangleton in 1995 (during which Voldemort took some of Harry's blood for his rebirth, a crucial mistake that would lead to his downfall), and he escaped physically unscathed, though emotionally stricken over the loss of Sirius, from the battle at the Department of Mysteries the following year. Harry's sixth and final encounter with Voldemort at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts resulted in the latter's death, fulfilling the prophecy: Harry had finally vanquished his foe.

Probably as a result of these experiences - and other side issues such as repeated run-ins with the hated Professors Snape and Umbridge, and romantic trysts - Harry changed from a wide-eyed idealistic 11-year-old, through a raging adolescent phase, to a responsible, even compassionate young man. In the wake of Dumbledore's death at the end of Harry's sixth year, Harry took charge and gathered all the details of what had happened that night, in some respects taking the place of Dumbledore himself. In spite of his own cumulative losses and his realization that he must go on alone, Harry finally learned to appreciate the people around him, even the sort of oddballs like Neville and Luna. He planned to carry out what his lost loved ones would encourage him to do; to destroy Voldemort starting with his Horcruxes, and to do it, hopefully, without endangering more of the people he loved. He even tried to sacrifice his long-awaited relationship with Ginny Weasley in order to fulfil this. However, as he could not escape Ginny romantically [DH7], neither could he evade the company of his two best friends Ron and Hermione, who insisted on accompanying him on his final quest.

At the end of an arduous journey, during which he had destroyed almost all of Voldemort's Horcruxes, Harry learned through Snape's memory that Dumbledore had recognized the connection between Harry and Voldemort. With the knowledge that he would have to willingly die in order for Voldemort to be mortal, he surrendered himself to the Dark Lord. Once again, Harry was able to survive the killing curse, because just as Voldemort's soul in Harry anchored Voldemort to life, Harry's blood in Voldemort's veins protected him. It was during his time in the space between life and death (which he visualised as King's Cross) that he realised that he still had the upper edge on Voldemort, and chose not to die. After pretending to be dead and escaping the Death Eaters' notice under an Invisibility Cloak, Harry finally engaged Voldemort in a one-on-one battle. The Elder Wand which Voldemort wielded refused to work against its true master, Harry, and Voldemort's Killing Curse rebounded upon him a second time. Without any Horcruxes tying him to life, Voldemort was utterly defeated, and Harry truly became the Boy Who Lived.

After the Ministry was revolutionised by Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry realised his dream of becoming an Auror, despite the fact that he never did return to Hogwarts to gain his NEWTs. It seems that under the more enlightened Shackletbolt regime, practical experience counts for just as much as qualifications do. Harry even came to head the department some years down the line, also occasionally giving lectures on the subject of Defence Against the Dark Arts. He married Ginny Weasley and the couple had three children together: James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna.


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