Hello all!
My name is Gthb, my real name is Matthew; I live in California, the southern ghetto part. XD Anyway!
About me, I love to draw, read, and write. But sadly, I am one of the poorest writers you will ever meet, I lack in the imagination department. Seriously. I am 19 I turn 20 in January; I am currently unemployed, but I seriously need a job. Why am I unemployed you ask? Well because of my mom....wait, I can't use that excuse anymore(xD), but there is a reason, but I don't feel comfortable telling you, although it is summer right now, so I AM going to look for a job! I will! I finally got some experience over the week. xD I love reading....fiction!-just to clear that up.
Well if you would like to know more about me, please don't hesitate to ask me by a PM. I usually hang around in my guilds which could be seen in the link above this post, and once in awhile I could be found in the GCD.
Also here is a current pic of me, I usually keep them updated as I change looks, so yea.

Date: June/29/2009
No I'm not a serial killer. My friends say that because I always look serious in my pictures...and for other reasons. xD The reason why I don't smile is because I don't like my smile when it appears on camera it looks so fake. Xp. I'm a real kind gentlemen so please don't think other wise of how I look.


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Random Life

A journal how I will take ten minutes of my life and what ever comes to my head, I will type up.


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gaia_angelleft Thanks for the buy! gaia_angelright

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Cool Avi!

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Why are you leaving Gaia, Matt?
craft beer

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craft beer

My pleasure.
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craft beer

thanks for buying.
Precious the fallen One

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Precious the fallen One

lmao, i lik ur 'about me' thing xP
very interesting xD
anyways, came to drop by to say thnx for buying!!
-happy hauntings
Ginji of Thunder

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Ginji of Thunder

Awesome. Or maybe you could be a sexy librarian.

Kinda, I got to dig glass out of somebody's foot. That was an interesting experience. And I got to stop a women from walking into the male locker room XD
Also very interesting.
Ginji of Thunder

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Ginji of Thunder

I drowned like an entire bottle of cough suppressant over a week period. It was awesome.
And it was the good kind too =D

Lifeguarding is soooooo fun. I get to flirt with beautiful girls and teach little kids how to swim =D
I'm almost 101% positive that it's the job for you. Unless you like driving tables around on a bus.
Ginji of Thunder

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Ginji of Thunder

Job hunting =D
Exciting. What kind of job? I kinda see you as a good waiter.
I've been busy life-guarding and with school. And being sick. Being sick has been the real killer.
Ginji of Thunder

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Ginji of Thunder

I'm going to bed... but how have you been? =D




Thread Killers Inc. & Sniper SG.
I truly did have the best time of my life in those guilds.
I love you all so much.