The next sentences you are about to read are completely random.

You can know the real me through my web profiles.

The first people on my hate list are the smokers. They are completely aware that they are killing themselves. So why don't they just cut their wrists off so that they will die fast?! And if they really are addicted to smoke, why don't they just suck all the fumes of the earth?! If they do that, we will no longer suffer from air pollution. XD

I'm not the type of person who takes a look on what's inside of his sandwich before eating it. I take a bite first, taste, then decide whether to swallow it or not.

My friendster horoscope is so damn accurate!

I hate seeing our neighbors (our neighbor's maids perhaps) who goes out in the house with large, multi-colored towels hanging on their shoulders. "Are you going to bathe in the rain or what?!"

I'm a fan of J. K. Rowling... and not the Warner Bros. I hope you get what I mean.

I'm quite an expert in ignoring things. I can ignore you teasing me. And I can also ignore you being hurt by me.

I'm an emo even before the word "emo" was invented.

I'm addicted to anime, manga, sudoku, origami and other Japanese stuff.

I hate people who post nothing on bulletins but their hatred and catfights. Please, attention-whores, surveys are better.

I hate people **--wHo TyPe LiKe ThIs--** Texts like that aren't so appealing. People invented symbols and capitalized letters to be used properly, for heaven's sake!

I love water. But I hate being tanned.

I love playing pranks on other people. The best prank I did as of now was when I told my friend that I have colon cancer and I only got three months to live. He ended up crying in the computer shop.

I don't get why some people become so depressed when it rains. I'm happy when it rains.

I used to hate surveys. But now, I'm addicted to it.

I'm nocturnal. I'm active by night and idle by day.

I hate dancing. Don't expect me to dance on a party or a ball because I promise you, I'll only make you puke.

I really hate loud, frank and attention-deficient people... yet they always end up being my close friends.

Sometimes, I shake my head like a dog after I take a bath. But now I can't because I have short hair now! Dammit!

In the evening, when I'm lying in my bed, it would take more than an hour for me to successfully sleep.

I'm an introvert. But about 70% of youth nowadays are all introverts.

I really miss you Amber. (This is a hidden text! Wahaha!)

I'm allergic to mosquito coils and attention-seeking people. They make me sneeze and itch.

I'm not shy. I'm just examining my prey.

Sometimes, I talk to insects when I see one. I feel that they can understand me.

I'm so clumsy that I always bump to walls and end up with bruises and wounds.

I always sneeze when I wake up in the morning. Maybe it's because it's cold... or my room's just too dusty.

I used to collect millipedes in a bottle and smell their balm-like aroma.

I got banned twice in gaiaonline.com because the moderators think that I'm botting. I don't even have any idea how to bot.

I hate seeing Sharlene San Pedro on TV. She reminds me of someone.

I tried to study guitar again... and again... and again...

Unlike most people, I can fall asleep fast when I'm depressed.

I think I mastered the use of BBCODE because of Gaia.

I always whistle. I even whistle while bathing.

I'm a TV addict. You can see that it is the longest list in all of my favorites.

Blood makes me sick. Mucus and other humanly secretions also disgust me. I mean, who doesn't?!

I love anime soundtracks. You can even hear me mumbling some Japanese songs that even I can't understand.

My brother forbids me to drink alcohol. He even forbids me to drink coffee.

I hate questions which can only be answered with a "yes" because I have no other choice but to say "yes."

According to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, I am 100% musically intelligent, 80% verbal/linguistic, 65% visual/spatial, 60% naturalist and logical/logical mathematical, 55% intrapersonal, 50% bodily/kinesthetic, and only 40% interpersonal. I told you I'm introverted.

According to Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Types, I am introverted, intuitive, a thinker and a perceiver. This shows again that I'm introverted.

According to the Enneagram, I am a "Four"; the individualist, artistic, romantic, expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, temperamental type. This shows again that I'm introverted and at the same time that I'm emo.

I drank beer on my very first birthday.

I think people who believe that global warming is a hoax are such big LOSERS!

My secret message was already discovered! Waaaaaaaah!

I'm emo even though I hate being called one. It just disgusts me to see many emo posers lurking around, wearing dark clothing, listening to overly emotional music, cutting their wrists, putting excessive eyeliners or mascaras, whatever. That's S-T-U-P-I-D. I mean, being emotional is a natural way of expressing one's self. It is not a fashion sense or a social status or something. You cannot say that you're emo just because you're a fan of stupid "emo" bands nor because your favorite songs are those throat-straining "emo" songs. Being emo cannot be measured by your clothing. It cannot be measured by how many times you already slashed your wrists off and then you brag about it. Because if that's the case, then you're just seeking attention. AND I HATE IT. (Whew! That was long!)

I wonder why many people wear scarf under the scorching summer sun in the Philippines. s**t. Another stupid fashion sense. It's as though they're hatching eggs on their necks!

Did you notice that I already admitted that I'm an emo for three times now? Hehehe.

I wonder why my sentences in this about-me section always begin with "I hate" or just include the word "hate." Maybe I'm just stressed that's why I'm filled with hatred. Hahaha!

The very first musical instrument I learned to play was piano. I studied it all by myself (I'm not bragging!).

I'm fond of saying s**t with a certain "lutong." Hehehe... It takes away my stress. s**t!

There are lots of ideas spinning inside of my head which I want to tell to others, to write as an essay or to post as a blog entry; but as usual, TINATAMAD AKO... XD

I crave for santol and green mangoes. I can't resist to buy these sour fruits everytime I see them in the market. YUM! They're good with sauteed bagoong! Wheeeeee!

Being a movie or TV director is one of my frustrations. Every time I watch a movie or a TV show, my mind automatically starts to scrutinize (although silently) the flaws and flows of what I watch.

I really find it cute when babies know that they are babies. Like when you ask, "Who's the baby?" and then he will reply, "I am." Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE BABIES! Squiggly-wiggly babies!

My "S" sounds like "SH," so when I say "You SIT," it may sound like "You s**t."

I will think of other stuff about myself and add to this list.


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im looking at random pro's and i took my time just 2 read ur whole all about me thing add more its interesting!! add meh!!

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