[I'm Rachel.]
[I'm 21.]
[I'm from the US.]
[Sex; you guessed it. Female. ]

[I want to be an artist.]
[I am very friendly.]
[My favorite movie is The Labyrinth<3]
[I'd love to move to Germany.]
[My favorite color is black.]
[I have a crush on Mikael Ã…kerfeldt.]
[I love my cat. (Creepy, yes.)]
[I love photography.]
[When I talk, things never come out the right way.]
[Sometimes I'm very misanthropic.]
[Just depends on my mood.]
[I am a good student.]
[A junior in college this year.]
[I can be rather awkward.]
[And boring.]

[I'm a metalhead.]
[I listen to most anything in the metal spectrum.]
[My current favorite genre is Depressive Black Metal.]

[Conversation? Please. :]]

[That's all for now.]