yo! my names tori, and there is still not much to tell about me.
i love pandas obviously, from my profile, and...umm.....i'm so tired.
i love reading and writing, and i mostly write on fanfiction. but you're never going to know my name on there! haha! i hate it when people i know read those stories....it's embarrasing.
but if i don't know you, go ahead and pm me and i'll give it to you!

i love naruto and my fave characters right now are deidara and hidan...why? i have no clue. funny video about the two on youtube. i guess that's what made me like them.

i still love UNC and it's still better than duke! go tar heels!

i love laughing and if you know me, that's something i do alot. and i talk with my hands. i have a slight texas accent that only comes out on certain words, and people often laugh because it sounds weird coming from me, since i generally hide my accent.

and if you're still reading this, you soooooo bored and have no life....

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