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Red Panda Mouse

Report | 07/15/2012 10:39 am

Red Panda Mouse

Hah, nope. I work about forty- ish hours a week, so it's not just weekends. c:
I wish I could skate around here, but the nearest inline skating place is a solid three hours away. T.T

I skate, sure. Not well, but I do skate- Or used to, back when I lived a block and a half from an inline skating area.
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 07/15/2012 10:24 am

Red Panda Mouse

Oh, no, I'm on Summer break now.
I don't go to school anymore, graduated over a year ago. xD
Now I just work at McDonald's since there's no other jobs around here.

Heh... I notice my absence too. Loool. Miss you, Andy! :c
Skating is ******** awesome. I'm not gonna lie, I would kill to go skating right now. v.v'
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 07/15/2012 9:58 am

Red Panda Mouse

I've been working and stuff so now I'm like, "ASDFGHJKL;'" all the time 'cause I have no free time. D;
And the free time that I DO have I give to my boyfriend since he's so ******** amazing and sweet. >XD
Maybe I should actually try to have an online life again, but I just dunno- Sounds kinda boring lately. :c
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 07/15/2012 9:11 am

Red Panda Mouse

Hai. c:
Zin Ryuichi

Report | 06/13/2012 6:59 am

Zin Ryuichi

You ended up buying from me anyway?

Thank you very much!
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 05/23/2012 2:15 pm

Red Panda Mouse

Andy. Brah. There's nothing to my left.
Why'd I look that way? O.o

Yeah, I've been here for so damned long. x.x'
I actually started on here in '04, just '08 with this account.
And IMVU was '06. Yeah, I had no life through childhood. xD

Kk, tc Andy! Don't be a stranger now. c: Nini~
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 05/23/2012 1:43 pm

Red Panda Mouse

Oooh, colourful! O uO
Mine's boring and, and, uhm... Not colourful... xD
The irony? IMVU ad keeps popping up? 8D

Red Panda Mouse

Report | 05/23/2012 1:23 pm

Red Panda Mouse

Hah, awesome! Hooray for growing up, yeah? ^^~
Mhmm, good to know you're doing good too. c:
Makes me feel better to talk to ya, I was worried that ya disappeared! xD

And I kinda figured it was you with the "Fappers" comment.
But I wasn't sure, so I peeked at your profile.
That, and I was gonna pro- stalk ya anyways 'cause I'm just like that. ;P

It wasn't REALLY obvious, but it kinda was.
You're the only person that calls me Fappers. Lulz.
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 05/23/2012 1:10 pm

Red Panda Mouse

Heh, well I just got a job so I'vent been online much either.
More on here than IMVU since IMVU lags me really badly.
However, I'm getting my own apartment quite soon so I'll be on more!

Aaand, yeah, heh... relationship problems. Yeah, for a bit there I was.
Not anymore though, he and I worked everything out.
Which I'm really happy about since he's the only person I can see myself with. xD
G' luck on your exams, yo! *Crosses fingers in hope that you do well.* O uO
Red Panda Mouse

Report | 05/23/2012 1:00 pm

Red Panda Mouse

Missed you! <3 ^^~


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