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Ioli pop Report | 01/01/2021 3:17 pm
Ioli pop
happy new year babeeeeeeeeeeeey heart
Ioli pop Report | 12/26/2020 5:35 pm
Ioli pop
so i forgot to wish u a mery christmas yesterday lol! i wasn't at home sweatdrop
Ioli pop Report | 11/12/2020 4:54 pm
Ioli pop
ohh i imagine. i've been sitting at my laptop on my room for this entire year. i think i will feel very weird when i go back to the office lol! oh no, you should do what feels best, and always take care of yourself, don't overwork! heart
Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko Report | 11/04/2020 7:48 am
Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko
Tell me more. I am so bored right now.
Ioli pop Report | 10/26/2020 8:00 pm
Ioli pop
no thank u sweatdrop if i tried it i might actually die lol!!! i've been stuck in my home for far too long that even a walk in downtown leaves me broken for 2 days xp

what have u been up to?
Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko Report | 10/20/2020 4:01 pm
Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko
yum_pumpkinpie yum_coffee
Ioli pop Report | 10/08/2020 3:09 pm
Ioli pop
god i wish i lived somewhere i could go on a hike...

but i probably wouldn't anyways cause i'm a scaredy cat lol xp how was your hike? other than it almost killing you xd
YawningKitten Report | 10/03/2020 10:13 pm
Been good just busy, was up in ohio for a week dealing with some family drama and making time to see ppl while I could. How's work been?
YawningKitten Report | 10/03/2020 9:46 pm
awww imy2 emotion_hug was thinking of sending you a message on discord, just been kinda hectic lately. How you been?
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 09/25/2020 9:32 am
The Goddess Nephthys
RAWR -raises foam sword-

My n***s

Names Jayke

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