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Art by : Jirito


Sometimes my mind goes into spirals it tends to go out of control.
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Meet my freiends

User ImageHim : You know I truly did love you like you were the first person I really did fall in love with. I thought Travis was,but i was mistaken.I wish it wasn't like that though maybe I wouldn't be so f*cked In the head.I fell in love for a person who can give two sh*ts about me.I fell in love with you thinking you fell in love with me too. I don't think you ever fell in love with me,but I hope someday you fall in love and hopefully never have to go through the pain I carry, and if you do I wish you would come to me and apologize once you feel that pain. I f*cked up I said yes I know now that I ruining a perfect friendship,but I risked that for you.I made that mistake and I'm not going to make that same mistake again.Sometimes I wish I never met you,but how could I say that when you were the best thing that happened to me and you were the only person who I could be happy with. How am I to trust people again? you f*cked me up and effected me and now I can't trust anyone anymore.I don't blame you,but I just wish you'd understand me.I'm truly sorry for ruining our friendship and our relationship. Just know that you were the first I fell in love with. You always said you were never the first for anything,but you were the first person I truly fell in love with as hard that may be to believe.

User ImageCathy :
Cathy I know sometimes I don't give good advice,but I try to do my best to make you happy.Its really hard seeing you sad. I hate not hearing your voice for some reason I feel uncomfortable if I don't hear you talking I guess you're just the one thats brings up all the conversations in group chats I guess uvu;; I think you've made me more social online. I never thought I'd be friends with a black person let alone consider you my best friend since I'm so racist and all,but for you and M are the exceptions. I love the fact you can tolerate my raciest remarks about your race . I just think the friendship we have is special eue;; as stupid as that may sound If I can cuss at you and say raciest sh*t to you and you're not offend I think that is something pretty special friendship uvu; Thanks for being around for me when I needed you most and listening to my cries when I was at my worst .I'm so glad I met you. I love you Cathy ~

User ImageOnyx :
I don't really understand why people don't like you Onyx. I don't think people give you enough time to actually get to know the person you really are. I think people judge you to quickly.You're such a unique person Onyx I've never met a person like you before.You're funny,silly,crazy,cute,annoying,etc. When I first met you all I knew about you was that you were a art whore. I first met you in the casino through Clar(ari) I remember you got mad at her and lashed out at her for whatever reason and from that point on I didn't like you I wanted you to stop being friends with Ari because you hurt her emotionally. After awhile when we met and got to each other skype and got to actually know each other I soon enough discovered the crazy person you really where. I came to understand your personality a lot more. I think for people to actually be friends with you they have to not take the sh*t you say so seriously. I don't know Onyx I just think you're a really great friend and I'm glad to have got to know you a lot more.I tried to stop being you friend at one point Onyx and I just couldn't do it you and cathy are like the closest people I have who I can go to for anything and I just can't you two go.I finally make friends I don't want to let any of them go.I tried to please everyone. I'm sorry for ever thinking to ever never talk to you again. I'm glad I still have you and cathy in my life. I love you Onyx ~

User ImageM : M you call me your daughter I'm not a fan of family role play nonsense,but for you I I like to be your fake daughter uvu I wouldn't even mind if you called me your daughter to someone irl I don't even care I may not have dark chocolate skin like you and cathy,but sh*t I'm super white-tan chocolate in the inside. M sometimes I KS you because its funny,but sometimes I KS by accident lol I hope someday you wont get upset for the KS. Thanks M for being around when I needed you most you understand a lot about the things I've gone through which makes me able to come to you and cathy about anything and get help from best fake dad NA uvu thanks M

User ImageJorge : Jorge you're probably the only person I'll go out in the middle of the night to get Dr.Pepper for myself to wake myself up and play stick arena with.When I first met you I thought you were a person who I'd talk to for a short period of time and never talk to again,but surely enough that didn't happen.I think you're the person who brought all our friends together and become closer to each other. I mean what can you do on gaia with friends right? lol. I mean soon enough stick arena got boring and all of us converted to League of Legends.I think without us all joining league of legends I don't think any of us would still be talking to each other anymore.I truly enjoy playing LoL with you thought c: Anyways Jorge I think you're a pretty good friend in my opinion you're really upfront about things and I like that about you.

User ImageDavid : Dabiddd the other hispanic in the group lol. The fiddle to my sicks huehuehue.I really don't know you enough to say much,but I like the fact that you stay up late for all us even though you have school and homework q uq true team player hehe. I think with time I'll soon enough get to know you more,but for now this is all I have to say.Thanks for ganks on LoL q3q

User ImageMichael :
Ah, Michael I don't know you that well,but I love the fact that you call me whenever you're online wanting to play LoL because I'm usually online the most up for any game eue You're probably the best support NA (no offense onyx). I love playing LoL you just make a game of LoL so funn I don't even know why that is to be completely honest.You're probably the only person who can make a bot game be really fun haha.

Thank you all friends for accepting my sensitivity and bullsh*t



Small things about me.
- I'm overly sensitive/emotional
- I have a low self-esteem
- I don't like chocolate/most sweets
- I play League of Legends on a daily basis
- I fall asleep really fast
- I remember most of my dreams
- I have a car,but I don't go out
- I don't like my lips
- I'm usually depressed
- I collect Rilakkuma stuff
- I have four pair of circle lenses
- I've watched fruits basket 8 times
- I'm a cranky person when I wake up
- I have two older sisters (25/26)
- I have a cat named Felix
- I somtimes try to be kawaii
- I don't have a middle name
- I love gore/guro
- I don't cuss near my family
- I like manga
- I watch anime
- I'm fat in person don't let pictures fool you
- My favorite fast food place is Wendy's
- My favorite drug is Acid
- My nicknames are KellyKells,GURQ,and Yopi
- My favorite soft drink is Dr.Pepper

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