I joined Gaia back in '04 and have taken 2 long hiatuses since. I recently returned on May 30th of '16. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying this time around but... hello! <3

I spend most of my life playing PC games and talking to strangers. I recently graduated from college and still have no idea what I'm doing with my life. x3

I like frequenting chat/hangout and charity threads. All the buttons in my signature are places you can find me (and other awesome people)!

The Whatever Shop
> my bribe shop where I sell art, graphics, and writing services.
10 Million Pages
> a Chatterbox bump/chat thread & my first home after my hiatus!
As the Sakura Blossoms
> my favorite charity; I'm also the coder here. :3
The Best ಠ_ಠ Hangout & Charity
> another thread I frequent with my friends.
> a top resource for Lake Kindred players owned by lovely people~

I'm currently raising gold for my wish list kins and for buying people gifts.

I don't accept random friend requests, but feel free to PM me, leave a comment, or chat me up in any of the threads I frequent~ I also tend to talk a lot, though, so if you're also talkative or don't mind essay-length responses, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. xD



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xXxThe Flame AlchemistxXx

Report | 02/24/2017 4:11 pm

xXxThe Flame AlchemistxXx

Hey! :3
How have you been? Hope all is well in life.

Haven't been on a lot lately, but I miss you.
Lobo Valentine

Report | 06/09/2016 2:09 pm

Lobo Valentine

Yea, it's funny back in 05-09 edits were all the rave. Now we've essentially all died out. Most editors like I said getting hired by gaia to become Artists, others leaving to make their own avatar based site, once gaia lost some of its moral themes we all loved. Not gunna lie if not for my love of roleplaying and art I probably wouldnt have returned. All the recolors sicken me, to see that they no longer do themed events, that progressed the story with the npcs. They never complete any of their gaming projects, Zomg, Heralds of Chaos, Soul Crash, Ocean Party, Booty Grab, That one game with Sin and the Overseer. I remember way back when I use to beta test Gaia's games when they restricted access to only 200 players. I remember when they monthly collectibles were heaven and hell themed, now they kinda go on a tangent and it seems if you have the cash, you can rule/own gaia. Its a bit sickening. But like I said I keep coming back cause I can rp here, I still have friends here, and Gaia still has amazing artists in its community, but aside from all that being such an oldbie I reminiscence of the past, when Lanzer owned everything.

Also hehe my shop is still up just on hiatus. The banner is in my sig. Feel free to visit it and see what I'm talking about.
Lobo Valentine

Report | 06/09/2016 1:45 pm

Lobo Valentine

I still joke that because my name last name is Valentine that I'm a cupid. Yea I had a lot of friends, but since its been so long a lot have quit, gone to create their own avatar sites, or become admins/artists. I use to be a part of the group known as an Avatar Editor, before Gaia started making actual cosplay items, and poseable arms/legs etc. But since you can practically buy a legit item the need for such art is no longer in demand. A lot of my fellow editor's shops went under and especially with the gold flux, if I reopened my shop, I wouldnt even know how much to charge.

I recently rejoined cause an old friend of mine from college also use to use Gaia, we decided to return and then got married so we've been enjoying the newness, that's occurred during our absence.
Lobo Valentine

Report | 06/09/2016 10:24 am

Lobo Valentine

Yes I took a brief break in 06 when a close friend of mine passed away. I made this account in 05 and named it after me originally as I was applying for college and used my art in my portfolio. Then when I returned I changed my name to Sir Fratley, tried to change it back to my original name and it wouldnt let me so I settled with Lobo, my rl nickname. But Valentine is my rl last name ^_^
Lobo Valentine

Report | 06/09/2016 9:07 am

Lobo Valentine

Always good to meet up with another old gaian. I've been around since Dec.03 ^_^

Report | 06/08/2016 10:19 pm


hey man thanks
i like yours too heart

Report | 05/30/2016 6:59 am


hahaha nice work tbh, it actually looks really nice

Report | 05/30/2016 6:55 am


hehe enjoy them however you like, dear
sell them, trade em, donate/trash em
I hope you enjoy ^^

Report | 05/30/2016 6:46 am


naww it's so adorable /).(
thank u thank u
I'll put it up somewhere some time when I'm not on my phone

Report | 05/30/2016 6:32 am


yeah, definitely
it's alright hehe I know how hard it is to get gold nowadays
I'll send a trade, you can trade back all the random stuff you don't want/need like flowers/housing items/ aquarium items/ whatever, just to clear up your inventory ^u^


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