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Why Can't I Fly in a Rainbow Sky?

Because I'm Afraid of Heights...*sweatdrop*



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Report | 09/06/2017 12:01 pm


I'm sorry for the really long response time but saw this fabric and REALLY NEEDED a dress. https://www.fabric.com/buy/0440449/kaufman-pokemon-collage-aqua

Any pattern recommendations? I'd really like a circle skirt, so I guess I'm just looking for cute bodices to go with it. How CUTE would this be? Ahhhhh.

I LOVE skirts with built in shorts. Not only is it clever, but that's how you wear really short ones without having to worry. And wearing shorts under skirt is REALLY uncomfortable. They either ride up or the skirt rides up and you can see your shorts in all their glory.

Ah, I've heard Okami is a really good game, but haven't had the chance to check it out. I actually just got Pokemoon Moon! I'm not that far into it and don't like a lot of the mechanics and the feel of it is completely different that other Pokemon games, but hey, it's Pokemon.

Well Black Friday is coming up in a few months, so hopefully we'll be able to snag some new games at great prices. I remember you got some really good deals last year and I was super jealous.

I haven't been crafty at all ... I'm in a really huge depression from a really messed up relationship. This Eeeveelutions dress is probably the first thing I've wanted to make. Before I fell into this slump, I got some patterns from HeyCutSew. Have you heard of them? Maybe I already wrote you about them, I don't really remember so sorry if I'm repeating myself. They're a new indie company that sells patterns that are supposed to be easy and tailored to the cosplay crowd. I think you would really like some of the patterns! I bought these two

They're a bit on the pricier side though they do have sales once in a while. I don't have fabric for this stuff yet, so I haven't even started to think about them.

Report | 06/13/2017 8:10 am


Even I don't like the characters. Season 2 is done, I think. It aired late January. You can watch The Magicians season 1 on either Netflix or Hulu. :3

You should definitely see Your Name if you can. It was incredibly well done. It was a little reminiscent of Umi ga Kikoeru (I Can Hear the Ocean Waves) or Only Yesterday by Miyazaki, which are two of his "real life" works. Though Your Name had a lot more magic to it. It was very beautiful too.

Haha, my dream plans for Japan are pretty similar. Ghibli museum, anything One Piece, then SHOPPING. SO MUCH SHOPPING IF I HAD MONEY. I love Japanese clothing so much. It's all so cute and innovative. I love that most of their short skirts have built in shorts. The sizing though ... I'm too fat for a lot of it. Or my butt is too big. ;_;

SPEAKING OF WHICH. My guy got me a Switch for my birthday!! We'd been putting it off due to the problems I told you about and that whole marketing the gimmicks thing which really rubbed me the wrong way, but I think what pushed him was they announced Monster Hunter XX is coming out on the Switch... the only downside is they didn't improve the game graphics at all ... we'll still play it though. So I've been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild! It's GORGEOUS. And while the format is very very different than other Zeldas, I quite enjoy it AND AND no motion sickness! I was scared open world would make me sick. It's like a mix of The Witcher, Monster Hunter, and Zelda. <3 And LOL, I have plenty of games I've not finished or touched, but yay Zelda. Funny thing about that my brother bought me a game and he said: it's to remind you of a game you never finished. That troll. LOL. It was a game I actually finished though, but it's the remake and it's gorgeous and I love it too. It's Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Me too! I'm really struggling to get through CCS again bc Crunchy Roll only has the dub but I loved it when I was young and still do. CLAMP is so awesome. I just wish they'd finish X1999... I mean I own the movie and the whole series so I know what happens at the end and all, but still... the manga is so beautiful and I wish it was done since I was collecting it, but if it finishes, it'll definitely be in a different format. D:

It's definitely a UFO at this point ... I'm having too many relationship issues currently to be very crafty, which is why I haven't really shown you anything new :<

Report | 05/20/2017 12:14 pm


No worries! :3

I liked The Magicians and it's based off the books which I never read so I can't tell you how it compares ... I will say this though. While I enjoyed it, my guy did not. He likes the premise and the storyline but the characters really bother him. And I can see why because they bother me sometimes for the same reason. They're supposed to be like ... college kids but they act very juvenile like maybe they're in high school? BUT I think the storyline and fantasy of it is really really good so give it a try anyway! At least for the first few episodes. It's really really interesting in terms of the magic and the world. Still haven't watched season 2 yet though. ;_;

Apparently Face Off used to be on Hulu and they got rid of it? I don't know why but I hope they bring it back because it doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere...

Dawwww!! Did you check? I was surprised it was playing in some big name theaters (Your Name) instead of indie ones. I LOVED IT. I really really hope you got a chance to see it. I enjoyed it so much. Miyazaki really does have so many good ones. All the ones you named are up there for my favorites too! I love Laputa! I wish I could go to Japan to see the Miyazaki theme park they're building! There's no Nausicaa section, but there is a Laputa one! Let me see if I still have the link my friend sent me ... Auwww. The link she put on my FB made it seem real but it's a fan thing that probably won't ever be built. Here's a different link http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/02/03/this-amazingly-detailed-theme-park-map-is-what-tokyo-ghibli-land-would-look-like/

No Switch for me yet ... We want to buy one but the only game worth playing on it for the forseeable future (according to the future game release lists) is Zelda ... so not really worth it to buy a system for one game. :< Sadly... That's kind of how it was with the Wii for me. I still haven't even finished Skyward Sword. D: But that's the ONE game we have for the Wii. It's really sad and pathetic.

Ah, well the CCS dubbing I think most the voice actors are actually adults trying to sound like kids LOL. But they might be reading the lines slow or whatnot to try and match the mouths with the speech. It's an older dub so it's not that well done in terms of they didn't change the script to better match the mouth movements. In more recent dubs the script is rewritten a bit to have the same meaning but to also mimic more natural speech and stuff when the character talks.

It's already becoming a UFO! T^T I was sick for a bit so didn't work on it and before that I was having a lot of romantic troubles so didn't work on it. It's cute though, so I do hope to get it done D: It's not even an epic project. Just small changes, so hopefully I'll get on it! That belt purse idea sounds cool! I probably wouldn't use hot glue though. It's not very ... what's the word. It's not a very hard worker when it comes to holding things that force is exerted on. I'd go for a more industrial strength glue like E6000 if you definitely have to go the glue route though really the best thing would be to get an awl and punch holes for sewing since that would be the sturdiest way to attach it and make sure it will hold weight.

Report | 04/21/2017 2:45 pm


Ah sorry! I forgot I also wanted to share these two tutorials with you. I remember you said you had a lot of oversize shirts with cute graphic prints.

Here's an off-shoulder t-shirt surgery http://www.max-california.com/2011/08/tutorial-off-shoulder-t-shirt-surgery.html

And this one I thought was SO cuuuute! I dunno if you like cute, but omg, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with it because I really like it http://violetlebeaux.com/2010/04/29/super-cute-t-shirt-surgery-tutorial/#

I'm currently working on turning a shirt my friend got me into a corset back hoodie thing. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a UFO ^.^;;

Report | 04/21/2017 2:38 pm


Auw yea, it's my default Easter avi ^_^

Omgggg, right??? See, she was so mean and it was so anxiety inducing that even you remember the episode. He didn't have to help her make her cosplay, ever. And he always did and he never got mad. Never raised his voice. Such a sweet sweet guy and she didn't treat him well at all. Sure, a lot of it is editing but even those small moments we saw, I didn't like the way she treated him but he still proposed to her. D:

I really want to see this episode since I really love Face Off and MH! I did try asking my dad if he knew the password when I was home for Easter, but they're old and don't do stuff like that, so they probably don't have one and it was kind of hectic so I didn't have time to set up a password for them that I could use. ;_; Next time. I'm still wanting to watch The Magicians season 2. *sigh* Didn't really want to pay $30 to own all the episodes on Amazon when we already pay for so many streaming services. D: Speaking of which ... I was talking to another Gaia person and I TOTALLY forgot about my free Crunchyroll trial codes. I'm a paid member and every so often they give me a code to give to a friend to try out the service for 48 hours at a time. I was wondering if you wanted them? I don't have anyone else to give them too and there's CCS on there too, though it's the dub. You can use them back to back too and don't have to do anything other than make an account. My friend used to give them to me all the time. Crunchyroll is pretty much free for the most part anyway other than new simulcast anime streaming in Japan at the same time and some older series being members only. But there's so much benefit to no ads. XD.

Gah! Speaking of Miyazaki, go see the movie that just came out called Your Name! It just came out a week or two ago and it's SO good. This director is rumored to be the next Miyazaki! I loved Spirited Away. Nausicaa is my all time Miyazaki favorite though. :3

No news about improvements to the Switch and my guy is saying now people are having warping problems from overheating ... though I did go to the Nintendo Store the other day and asked one of the employees which all the employees have Switches XD and he said NONE of them have had any issues so far and a lot of it is people not taking care of their electronics so we'll see. I'm dying to play this Zelda game which I now own but have no system to play on x_X

The dubbing is pretty bad. I sat near him while he's been playing through the first one and it's really unbearable for me. Though ... I am a bit of a dub snob. I have a hard time with the CCS dub so you might be okay since it doesn't bother you as much. [=

Report | 04/01/2017 10:00 am


Your current avi is soooo cute! Those ears! <3

Yea like when that girl on Heroes of Cosplay kept yelling at her poor boyfriend who did all the embroidery pieces on their embroidery machine for her Lulu? Made me so anxious and mad at her. Her boyfriend was always helping her with her cosplay stuff and she was always yelling at him. D: At the end of the season, he proposed to her and I think everyone who was watching at the time made a big fuss on the forums because she was so frickin mean and he was so nice. D: I think he rush sent her the embroidery, 1 nighted it or something but it wasn't done enough to wear.

Doesn't Syfy make you put in your service provider even to watch online? I was trying to watch The Magicians and it kept asking me to sign in but we don't have cable anymore so I couldn't. Though my friend gave me a really good idea which was to ask my parents for their signin since they actually watch TV. She uses her brother's signin since she also doesn't have cable.

I didn't even see a Sakura egg backpack!! I have to look again @_@. I think the first thing I will use is the ninja scoodie, but only because I am obsessed with the bunny scoodie from this Etsy shop and this is the best pattern I've seen so far. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/db/7e/dc/db7edc25da05af9136fb71e30e1b1ef4.jpg She took down her listings for it but I did find this image through search. Her shop has some really really awesome hoodies. Out of my price range though :< https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlakBunni

Ooooh. I didn't know that! That's actually pretty cool. Yea, the only two seasons that I could tie together were seasons 2 and... 1 maybe? Or maybe it was 2 and 3. They brought back a reference to a character from a previous season and they were the same person on a different season, which was very mind bendy. But clowns are awful D: Yea, there's very little pure gore on AHS from what I recall. There is a little, but it's more about the urban mythology and psychological stuff. I mean there's some blood and whatnot in the vampire story arcs of course. And some in the freak show arc too bc murders always involve a little blood, but it's definitely not a gore/slasher show. [= I still haven't watched the most recent season which is supposed to be documentary style.

Yea those two Fire Emblems! There isn't much hope for a Japanese voice DLC since they haven't done it yet and I'm sure all the fans complained ... Even just sitting next to my guy while he's playing it makes me cringe. That dub is AWFUL. But yea ... I mean I think they just wanted to expand the scope of Zelda/Fire Emblem games a bit to draw in new fans to it or just give a different take since most Zelda/Fire Emblem all follow the same format with just different storylines. I can't wait until the Switch gets fixed a bit so I can beg the boyfriend for one and play Breath of the Wild. x_X T^T

Report | 03/19/2017 6:22 am


Omggggg, this site. The free patterns are SUPER GOOD ones too. I'm like ... printing out so much stuff right now ahhhhhhh @_@ Thank you <3

Report | 03/19/2017 6:20 am


Yea, when I went to cons back in the day I'd see people bringing their sewing machines into their hotel rooms all the time and I really didn't get it. I'd rather enjoy the con and not cosplay (even though I love cosplaying!) than to waste time last minute working on a costume that I may or may not finish.

There's a new cosplay show?? I didn't know. We don't have cable anymore, just streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll, and Amazon Prime. Thanks for telling me! I haven't been able to find that Monster High episode of Face Off ... Face Off used to be on Hulu but when I checked it wasn't there anymore. I need to find a place that streams it. )=

OMGGGGG, thank you for sharing!! THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS CUTE! Omg, thank you so much. Omg and some stuff is really good and freeeeeeee. Omg.

I don't know if the stories are really interconnected much? For American Horror Story. And yea, the little dead lady freaked me out too because she was super cute and pretty. She doesn't end up floating in water for a horror incident though, more of a greed blackmail incident if that makes you more inclined to watch it. The scariest part of that season was the clown which ... is actually kind of scary because I'm scared of clowns. I think of the whole season, that was the thing that was actually supposed to be scary. Definitely watch it from the beginning though even though I feel like each season is stand alone. I do think a lot of it is more psychologically disturbing than it is real scary/disturbing. Like you wonder how people could treat other people like that and things.

My guy just bought the two Fire Emblem games he didn't play yet because of a really awesome sale at Target (buy two get one free) but omg, no language patch? I don't think I'd be able to stand it. The dub makes me want to tear off my ears. So so far the Switch has had a lot of user issues, but it's new launch and all. I really hate that they integrated motion controls and I'm still hating on the system, but everyone has been raving about Breath of the Wild and I am Zelda obsessed. My guy actually bought me a limited special edition! Actually ... 3 times. Not the super super limited one with the Master Sword, but the less limited one without. The first order got cancelled and I was disappointed when he told me, but was very happy he knew me well enough to get it for me. Second order he got a tip from a friend before the offer hit all the deal sites and it still got cancelled. Third time, he bought it off of Ebay. D: So apparently the cartridge tastes bad? B/c they're small like memory cards and they didn't want kids swallowing them so I've been reading about all the people on my FB who got it and licked it and said it tasted awful bitter gross. XD. I haven't tried it myself. It's all so pretty!! So we're getting a Switch after some of the bugs are ironed out but I am still so sad about it. It had so much potential and still does, but *shakes head* What an amazing idea then turned into a really horrible ping pong and milking mechanic. Like why even put time into that when you could have expanded on the other possibilities? Also, I don't know if you play Stardew Valley, but there's a multiplayer coming out for Switch. That would be another game I would want. Though they did say even though it's supposed to be a Switch exclusive, they're gonna release for PC too... so I'm not sure which version to get. [=

Haven't played Hyrule Warriors but it's like Dynasty Warriors if you've played that. It's basically just a free for all non turned based fighting beat e'm up type thing. Not sure if that will be good for Fire Emblem and not sure why they did that for Zelda ...

Report | 02/08/2017 4:00 pm


I like fingers too! But I'm also really lazy about washing it off my hands and end up putting makeup all over my clothes. XD. But yesssss, if you have a NYX near you, they have A LOT of shades so you can definitely try them on and color match. I don't like most makeup foundations because their "Asian" color has some sort of orange tinge. Yuck.

Oh yeaaaaa, you need to set aside that time in case anything goes wrong or is more complicated than you think. Sometimes even when I start stupid early, I still don't finish so watching Heroes of Cosplay was anxiety inducing at times to watch them struggle. When I went to anime cons back in the day, I do remember some people bringing their sewing machines and that really sucks because instead of enjoying the con, you're spending a lot of time stressing to finish something that might not get done. Just compete/cosplay next time.

They're seed beeds! Toho to be exact. I think Japanese seed beads are much more uniform in size than other ones. I like to get them from either Fusionbeads.com or Artbeads.com depending on which site is having a seed bead sale. XD. It's free ship past a certain amount, so always a plus. The necklace pattern was from an issue of Bead and Button magazine. I think the most recent one, but I can definitely link you to the starfish!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zymqjzft3Pg&t=946s

I don't really think American Horror Story is scary at all actually ... and I like horror even though it does scare me and keeps me up at night. American Horror Story focuses more on like ... creating stories around things that originated what is horror for America. Like ... insane asylums, haunted houses, aliens, witches. That sort of thing. I don't think it's really scary though. Some of the later episodes have the startle factor, but the show isn't so much about fear so much as ... well, it's hard to explain. It's not very scary though so you should try more episodes if you found it interesting.

I've watched a lot of Face Off but didn't know there was a Monster High ep!! I HAVE TO SEE IT. I'll definitely look it up. Omg, thanks for telling me. That's really cool!!

Yea, the storyline for the Fire Emblem game is awful but it's Fire Emblem and it's Fire Emblem on your mobile phone. XD. Man I hope they fix the Switch. So many people were excited and now so many people are all what a flop. We'll see though...

Report | 02/02/2017 7:05 pm


Btw, I don't know if you know but the mobile Fire Emblem dropped today and is free to download! I know you like Fire Emblem so I wanted to tell you in case you didn't know :3


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