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"When I look at the sky,
I see all the stars twinkling.
They're like the people of this planet,
All emitting different types of light.

I want to stand out in that crowd,
And shine brighter than everyone else.
I close my eyes and swear,
I entrust my dream to a shooting star."

Art by icescape! I luffs her!
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Other pics:
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My beloved, whom I love dearly.
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I heart Pokemanz!
--My Team--
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Okies! I'm going to try to explain myself as quickly as possible. I'm 21, a Senior at Georgia Southern University, and I'm an anime freak/swimmer/artist/writer/really hyper yet serious person who loves wearing cat ears and vampire fangs at random intervals during the year. Yea, odd, I know. Awell, deal with it! XD But yea...whoo!

I'm fairly diverse in my interests. I've been swimming since I was 8 and love to surf. Water is fun, yes? I'm also band nerd. Though I have moved on from the days of sweaty marching practice, the spirit is still alive and well; I still believe piccolos are better than trumpets because we can overpower tubas. I am a grammar nazi. I can't stand chat speak, so don't start. My main passion is science, particularly biology--I'm majoring in Biology with specification in Genetics. That's right, twist that double-helix! Haha....lame. *shot*

My personality? Oh boy, uh....I'm normally fairly quiet and maybe a bit reserved. To some I may actually come off a bit "stand-offish" (I've been called a hermit by my roommates), but truthfully I'm just a little shy around new people. ^-^ But believe me, when I become comfortable, I'm very hyper and friendly. I'm very open-minded and say almost anything that comes to mind. Actually, I'm probably a little to bubbly for my own good and most other people can't understand how I'm considered sane. They just can't think outside the box. They say reality is the simple truth; I say reality only hinders the imagination. On the other hand, I'm a very deep thinker and can be caught daydreaming frequently. I love taking personality quizzes to both better understand myself and friends; if anyone knows about the "Animal in You Personalities, I was born an Otter but raised to be a Wild Cat (hence my split personality), if that makes any sense at all xD. I definitely have my ditzy moments, though! And I always blame it on my dad being blond and that I have half his genes. Despite those few moments, I'm usually laid-back and down-to-earth. I also can't tolerate disrespect to anyone or people who pick fights just to show off even when they know they'll lose terribly.....it's just stupid. In general, I just can't stand stupid or arrogant people. >o<;;; But other than that, I can get along with almost anyone. heart

Color: Aqua Blue
Season: Fall
Animal: Cougar
Food: Pasta!
Salad Dressing: Caesar or Greek
Music: Techno and JPop
Book: Blood and Chocolate
Candy: Anything chocolate!
Article of Clothing: Rings (currently wearing *counts* 6!)
Weather: Thunderstorms

But okay, I'm sure I've told you a bit more than you ever wanted to know. Peace out and Rock On, and tell the lemon-pink llama to give me back my shoe and to stop stalking the Muffin Man!

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A Wild Gible Appeared!
"It loves sparkly things. It seeks treasures in caves and hoards the loot into its nest."


Sera threw a Pokeball!
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Sane people...guard your minds.

This is pretty much just where I write down random things that I just happen to feel like writing down at the time.



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Thank you for your purchase! ^_^

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Cool avi. :>
I love meganekko

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I love meganekko

Nive avatar! I love pokemon too!! :'D

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Really nice avi + profile.

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LOL nonono! dont get the wrong idea haha! i was just curious + is happy you got a similar username of mine before. i dont have it nore mores so all is well(: Huzzah fruit + melon * u *

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did you copy a bit of my old username : f r u t t i - m e l o n? User Image
Pharaoh Maliku

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Pharaoh Maliku

ogiehaogivha. Its a girl? xDD; oh geez I feel so bad nao. O _o ; I guess it's cuz I draw shota boiz. xDDD;;

Your other character also looked interesting. Caught my attention at "think Lelouch" =U =

And yes, I s'pose we do. o Uo b
Pharaoh Maliku

Report | 01/25/2010 6:32 pm

Pharaoh Maliku

yOUUUU!!! Stop being in teh threads I'm in and making me want to draw your adorable Ruuue. =AAAA=

UGIWEUIGHA. he's so cute. -dies-

> n >; i'd so do it if i wasnt so damn busy... -flail- maybe ill stalk ur request thread though... o A o; *plots*
Harmony Sync

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Harmony Sync

indeed~ yes
Harmony Sync

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Harmony Sync

oh yay~ thanks


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