This profile was made by Mister Magoo.
She worked hard on it, so respect her wishes and not steal any code.
Lest I have to smack a b***h upside the head. D: <

Now that that's out of the way...

My friends call me Ecq.
Most others call me a Beast.
I was born February 8th, 1986, and am probably the coolest guy you'll ever meet.
I used to work as a Recieving Supervisor for a discount clothing store, and am a huge geek.
Inside I can still be a big kid at heart, hence why I stuck with my last job at a toy store for so long despite it being s**t.
I spend most of my free time either with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a screen, roaming around with my canine companion, or with headphones forgetting the world.

Until i've actually got the time and money to pursue a GED and make something of myself...i'm kind of stuck.
It's frustrating, and I take it out on everyone else when it gets to be too much.
I can't stand drama queens, yet I feel my own drama levels reaching critical.
One of these days a director is going to pop from behind a door and yell cut. And I'm going to laugh my a** off.


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Welcome to my Funhouse

The abridged version of "The Life and Times of Da'es Dazar'd'daries: The Nameless Spear". And a whole lotta other s**t.



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yeah, it has. i'm not on much any more, save to pester nerds like you. heart

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*them sneaky hugs* whee

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Hello from an old gaian friend ~
Role Play

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You know you wish you had a mule as cool as mine. cool
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Role Play

Guess who remembered her password! ninja

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*sneaks onto here and drops a hug off*

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i clean up my xbl friends often haha,
had no idea that was you!
i did chnge my name because nobody knows what "teh" is anymore smh.

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Yeah I did, on here and in real. Got married. Life is life. Moved 3 hours from my folks, have a house with my husband, and have a cat and dog. And no job since McDonalds is gross. //use to work there// How has life been for you? Anything new?

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teh emz !!!
add me! i'm playing black ops2 cuz i didnt buy the bl2 newest dlc,
and i mastered the others and got bored, but i am starting to miss it!
hit me up!


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