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So, first of all: Thanks for visiting my profile!

There isn't much you have to know about me, so let's just stick to the usual stuff, shall we?
On Gaia, my name is (obviously) eternal tranquillity. I have to admit that it is odd, but I kind of liked it.
My favourite colours are light colours in general, especially light shades of pink and green. I also like earthy colours like orange, red, aubergine and bordeaux, but whatever.
I'm somewhat multilingual, as I speak German, English, something remotely resembling French. Also a bit Japanese, but it's more about hearing, really. I can't form any coherent sentences.
Recently I've got into the very soft kind of horror-games, like Yume Nikki and some of its fangames but aside from that I just play dating sims, J-RPGs or tactic stuff. I suck at remembering what buttons do, thus I'm too dumb to play shooters. Not that I could bring myself to shoot someone in the first place just for the heck of it.
I'm into that kind of manga you can't tell wether it's supposed to be a shounen or a shoujo, but I also read some stuff on both sides. Usually it's monthlies with me as I appreciate a complex story with a lot of character development more than simple action and some kind of lose story the manga is supposed to follow at some point.
As for normal novels, I'm more on the side for classic literature, not really into teen-books. Maybe some sort of thriller might be okay, too, but usually not so much. Oh, and fairy tales are awesome. I grew up reading them a lot and... well, I have some sort of obsession with them. My favourite fairy tale is Bluebeard and it always had been.
If it comes to music I prefer Jazz above everything else, but I really don't find all that many bands to my liking. I listen to ballad-ish stuff a lot, as well as calmer instrumentals, but some anime endings/openings just get stuck in your head sometimes, y'know?
I know how to play flute, cello (somewhat) and piano (if my life depended on it, that is).
I usually spend my days going to school, spacing out, doodling... stuff, doing stuff on teh interwebs, playing weird s**t and doing stuff for our school's newspaper.

...Darn that thing is long...~ Oh well.


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omgabbye13 Report | 12/29/2011 8:23 pm
yeah, the concept of a furry is scary. Think about ******** an animal? it's creepy.
I know ): I get so jealous of those great artists. I really like an artist (this guy) who can just pull amazing sketches from out of his a**.
Yeah that's true. My teacher isn't Bavarian but she's in love with him. She's from Stuttgart so she's a little southern herself.
I wasn't a fan of the French, I thought the northern was just as good as the italian, but they did more magnificent things, like marble sculptures. The greeks did have some really pretty art, their pottery was absolutely stunning. So was japan's pottery, if I had to pick a favorite it would be the japanese's pottery. Old mythology is cool but I never took a grasp to it because it was always kind of confusing to me, but I know people love it.

Yeah true, but I don't know anyone that just reads a latin book for the fun of it.
Chinese is very unusual, it has a lot of something to it, I can't really describe it, but it seems a lot respectable almost. Russian is harder for me because I can't imagine the alphabet well, so everything is really hard for me to learn that. With mandarin I just have to start new and that's alright. Ponies are pretty, I rode a lot when I was little. I always wanted a Clydesdale ♥. did you ever do it when you were younger and smaller?
I'm not a fan of spanish, or french. Italian is the only one from the romantic category I really like.
Yeah that's not a bad idea. My US history teacher might move away within a few years because his wife is getting a better job, and then he'll stop teaching, which is such a shame to see good teachers leave and retire.
I have no idea about the military bases over there, I don't know any of them besides the one I live near and one of the biggest in the nation in Texas. We usually get our lesser intelligent people to go to the military, but I have a lot of military friends that are smart.
Omg I don't know about that lol, I can't tell if you'd like america or not, and I don't know how much you weigh, but if you don't want to gain 30 pounds then don't come over lol. We have a foreign exchange student from Germany that gained that much from Germany. Belgians are pretty good (; I'm a fan of the Swedes we get. We also had a cute Russian boy last year. And if you want to party, there are plenty of students that will invite you, but if you get caught you'll have to go back to Germany. We have a kid that wanted to party really badly but some one told him that and he got too scared to even think about partying over here. A lot of the Germans are pretty good kids, them and the Asians and Russians are always good, it's always our really western European students that want to party hard.
Lul, Russia is the place where empires die. You can't penetrate Russia.
Yeah we were just a little farming country until then. Or at least 30 years prior to that. Then we urbanized, militarized, and mechanized and we became a world power after the war!~

I do! I don't leave it on my gaia profile, same with my msn, but if you'd like it you're more than welcome to have it. I noticed we don't have too much of a time similarity but if we ever do get on around the same time then that'd be wonderful. I'm omgabbye13 for my skype.
omgabbye13 Report | 12/27/2011 8:42 pm
ah okay (:

lul it does. furry lovers are funny.
so true, that's very true. I don't do too much that's exciting. I barely draw, and when I do it's some simple stuff. Some people when they doodle just make amazing stuff D:
LUL. I love how Germans hold so much of an opinion of him. It's funny to me. He made pretty castles but it was a dumb idea. He was an artist, not a ruler.
True, but a lot of Renaissance works were German (or at least the area where Germany is.)

Yes yes (: yeah they don't speak it modern day really, but there's still bibles in latin for catholics.
Nope, you're right. English has so many different languages in it that it makes it easy to match a few words for each language.
Yeah that makes a lot of sense, especially when you change the alphabet. I'm learning russian and chinese currently too and it's easier to just read it because I can't understand it. ICELANDIC IS CRAZY.
Bleh. Hetalia. But yeah we have some bad speakers, especially with our spanish program.
I know that feeling. Teachers are great, especially my debate and history teachers. None of mine have moved away yet thankfully.
Ugh Americans that go to Germany usually aren't dumb, but the ones that go to Spain and England (countries they can speak the language easily), are usually the worst that leave America. Americans that are dumb usually stay in America. I'm glad you like me, I have a hard time getting Germans to like me for some reason. I think it's just because when I meet the German exchange students we have, they usually just want to party and don't want to talk about their culture.
The French are silly, who knows why. they want pride and stuff, but they just drop the victory along with their weapons.
Lul, that's kinda silly. American history isn't valuable until you get to a little past the revolution, because then America hits the civil war, then to world war one, and that's where we become a big world superpower and make a difference.
omgabbye13 Report | 12/22/2011 4:03 pm
Eh, I get counted off if I don't put work down like that for math anyway. It's silly but I've just learned to state it.
Thanks. I really think that too, which is why I want to start on it asap c:
Yeah, I'm personally afriad of doctors, but people that check out any part of anatomy are important. That's a really cool profession. I've never been too interested in anatomy, I've read Gray's Anatomy but besides that, nothing to do with it really.

lolol. I only understood bits of that. Deutchsen n00b.

Aww that's cute c: (Btw "Wolf ist schwul", lul.)
Better than most of my doodles. I suck at drawing.
I want to go to Thurn. I haven't been to many castles because I've only been to really touristy places like Neuschwanstein. I've only seen one german christmas area (but I also went in the summer every time) and that was in Rothenburg (one of my favorite towns).
I love old paintings. Germany has some of the prettiest paintings ever.

Well they do, but I know a lot of priests that speak latin (The catholic church a long time back only had sermons in latin). I was raised protastant too, but Latin is the source of most languages in european areas and I know a lot of it is in english still.
I don't know a lot about latin, but I do know that it's annoying when people pronounce things wrong. I know kids in my german class that can't even say ich without a terrible accent. it's sad.
lol I know what you mean about teachers. a lot of teachers are that way in america. But some students are REALLY bad. Americans actually aren't all that dumb, there's a few that just happen to get a lot of attention that are REALLY dumb. we had a girl in my history class ask if Britian was still a country. They do have a lot of wars. I always had trouble with the wars with France because they were in pretty much every single war. LOL yup it isn't much at all. in fact, we rarely cover those in history classes, and we usually start off right before the revolution (so around 200 years ago.)
omgabbye13 Report | 12/18/2011 10:09 am
lol, I know that feeling. If you just plug it in, you have an idea of what you're doing so that means just reply what you did to what. My trigonometry teacher hates when I say "Because the calculator says so" Biology is difficult for me. We have 4 class in our school that is known for being some of the top 10 most difficult classes in the school (over a selection of 140 classes) and they're ALL biology. I stick with chemistry and physics because that's just more math and you know what you did or didn't do wrong or right.
Yeah, it's mostly for business, and I want to work as an international representative. I was actually looking at volkswagon as an employer. That's a creative job idea. Are you good at anatomy?
Also, I was wondering, how do germans get into college? Do they have to take certain tests to see if they can, and then go look around for a university, or do they have a person do it for them?

That'd make so much sense. Celebrating christmas in googles name! c:

The lack of confidence you have is equal to mine when it comes to art. I'm really bad at it but I love it. You should show me some of your drawings <3 I love seeing people's art. That's great that you like to look at castles because Germany has some of the prettiest castles I've ever seen in my life. I love Baroque style. I really am a fan of Roccoco and Dada style (Dada isn't too much art sometimes, but other times it can be really cool.) Gothic architecture is really pretty. Every german gothic church I saw was amazing.
Yeah I know what you mean. Latin is super close to Italian, and it should be closer to that. Especially if you go in a catholic church where the priests can speak it. It doesn't sound like how Americans pronounce it (I have no idea how Germans do, but I know Americans pronounce it weirdly.)
Wow, that's not that bad. Doesn't Germany have a globaly renowned science program? Americans have a lot of english and social science classes. The only classes I've ever liked in those catagories was economics and history classes. I took an European history class course. Europeans have cool history.
omgabbye13 Report | 12/17/2011 10:41 pm
Calculations are easy, which is why I'm good at chemistry and physics, but biology is all about how things work together and function but there's so many variables to it that it's hard to guess, like with doctors and guessing how their patients are reacting to things. It's hard for me to even imagine things like that.
I want to go into industrial engineering. How about you? what do you want to do?

I don't think it's evil, it just owns everything, which can make it evil, or really good if it wants c:

PSH. Somewhat good. If I didn't know you were german I would assume you were a native speaker. And that's good, at least you grew up with it and are good at it!
You like to do art? really? that's nice, do you like to draw or paint or sculpt?
I just never have liked french, I can recognize a lot of it in english but I just never really enjoyed it. I like latin though, and that's pretty confusing for an american lol. What do you guys have to take?
omgabbye13 Report | 12/15/2011 4:36 pm
lol I'm good at those two subjects actually. I want to be an engineer so I should be lol. The only subject I'm bad at is english. D: it's ironic that my grades are better in German than in english

Very true, and google owns everything so that's true razz youtube is google's b***h now

That's also true, I just find chinese easier than japanese because I've grown up hearing a lot of it (I'm white american, but I always have had chinese friends around and their parents teach me a lot, and I work in a chinese market).
Ugh, I would want to go the french path but with latin. Biology is hard for me, but chemistry and physics are easy for me. I would also want to take the language way to. That's what I like about american public schools is that we can take whatever we want with our credits finished, so right now I'm in two math and two sceince classes. I only have to take 4 years of english, which I don't like.
I like latin a lot, french gives me a headache. What other languages do you take if you go on the language path?
omgabbye13 Report | 12/14/2011 9:50 pm
I know, languages are crazy, but they're so cool c:

You should try google chrome. That is a pretty easy server. I use Chrome, Firefox, and safari because
1. Chrome is pretty trendy and easy
2. firefox supports gaia well
3. safari is good with macs and also is easy to run and not slow at all

Japanese is hard. It'll be one of the last languages I will learn. I think german and russian are easy. Chinese is also easy for me to get a hang of. That's probably why japanese and korean are a little hard for me because I haven't seen too many similarities. Italian is pretty. I don't like french. Do you use it much in Germany?
omgabbye13 Report | 12/12/2011 2:32 pm
Oh, I thought Bavaria was. I guess my eyes were just really wrong.
Yes, I completly agree. The austrians and YES the swiss to, I just can't put in my head, but there's not a german dialect outside of germany that I can't understand. I'm glad you speak flat german.

yes! The mac has functions for the symbols. They're not on the keyboard, but if I press option + S = ß or option + u = äöü

I worked a tiny bit on chinese, russian, and italian, but that's all. I'm not near as good as I am in german (which isn't even that good). How about you?
omgabbye13 Report | 12/12/2011 4:37 am
You have very good english, I have no idea what you're talking about! It's much better than my german is. WOAH YOU CAME FROM THERE? my best friend's mom (who is german) came from there! Lol, Bavarian villages are cute. I really like them, and thankfully I can actually understand bavarians. I have a teacher from Stuttgart so I understand southern german better than most americans. And I have a family friend in Köln, so I can understand him really well, but I have a friend from southern Austria that I can't understand a single word, but a lot of Germans can't understand her so it's okay. (sorry, I just started to ramble there)

Well, Ich heiße Abby, Ich komme aus Amerika (Ich wohne im Kansas), Ich bin 16, meine leiblingsfarbe ist schwarz/rot/grün, und meine deutchen ist scheiße!
omgabbye13 Report | 12/11/2011 1:19 pm
Yeah I'm learning. I'm trying to pick up as much as I can but I suck at english, so my german isn't too good but people seem to understand me. I think it's a pretty cool language and it makes a lot of sense so I'm trying to pick it up better. So you're native german? where are you/your family from? (like a region/city/state)

What would you like me to try and say?