I killed my other half. What will... happened to to me now?

The end.


Your test ends now. When you leave, everything will vanish. And then, elsewhere, you will find a new beginning. Everything will reset, and start anew.

Everything will vanish? What do you mean? Are you saying my life ends here?

Your life? Did you ever really have one in the first place?

Of course! I've been through plenty! There was the day I got my first period, and met you..

And before that? What do you remember?


Nothing, of course. There was nothing before that. You don't need anything else.


How much time has passed? How many months since you first start dreaming? Has the season ever changed? All of the students, including yourself... are neither living, nor dead.


You were an unique case. You were two who were meant to exist together. But there is now only enough for one. You tried to steal it from one another. You fought so hard for the better life, that of a boy or a girl. You are one body with two souls. Then, you made your decisions. I cannot say if you decided your fate or merely accepted your destiny.
Sooner or later, people will face what they must overcome or simply withstand. That time comes during the journey through life. If you cannot walk the path, you'll never make it. That's why you must find your strength, put yourself to the test. When you know you have that inside you, you can handle anything. That's what school is for.
The burdens people shoulder in life are just tests that establish our destiny. Once you pass through these doors, you will find yourself in a different situation, with different people and different problems. The only certainty is that you have the strength to carry on. graduating is proof of that.
Don't forget. Though I know you will leave here. No matter what happens now, you'll be okay. No matter how scared you are, never fear. No matter what, never give up. Never settle. Never stop fighting.


Mashiro-san... congratulations on gradulating.

Vol 10 Ch 039: Final Chapter
After School Nightmare


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