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as the title says


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hey its me

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Registered: 11/13/2006

Gender: Male

Location: Ireland

Birthday: 02/24/1991

Wish List (yea i do wish i had the gold


me, myself, and i dont have a clue who else

Time to change this out of date text lol. Names Eoin, for those who dont know its said the same was as owen, born in Manchester, Eng on the 24th of Feb 1991 which makes me 20 and now out of my teen years =| dunno if thats good or bad lol. Live in Loughrea, Co Galway ,Ireland . Was attending college in tipperary also in Ireland which i did one year in, but failed and couldnt afford to repeat, plus hated the course so i dropped out, now waiting for the next chance i get to continue my education ^_^. Im into gaming,reading ,animals, movies, music, walks, Anime, Manga, basicly most japanese things i love lol..... on that note would love to go traveling around working in diffrent countrys...meeting new people lol. Anyways thats all im saying for now so drop us a line if ya wanna lol..
Donation outbound count = 40 million gold O_O
RIP, Grandad, died 1/1/2011 ... gone from the Earth, but not from our hearts
RIP Declan, 18/07/2011. You was always there for me my friend, I wish I was there for you when you needed me, miss you mate

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PSN: eoinmack
XBL gamertag: eoinmack
Facebook: Eoin Mc Nulty
Cell phone with dialing code: 00353863013383

Heres me in a tux because im bored
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Avi art from Nana aka Eat More Happy
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art from misa
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By xXx_Sightless_xXx
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^^wooo its me blaugh ^^
20 year old from Ireland, the land of Guinness, Leprechauns and me trolol


My messy room

lol college sitting area and the comp lab only we had the key card for lol btw the lad with the laptop was trying to cool it down he has problems with the fan