-April 18th, 2010-
I thought that I would check up on my profile, and noticed that it hadn't been updated in two years. I last left off right before I graduated high school. A lot ha changed since then. It only seemed right to update the situation.

Greetings. A few things about me is what's in order.

Name: Jibril Reifenstahl. Obviously, this isn't my real name. Very few people know my real name, and if you do, you should consider yourself lucky.
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Interested in: Men.
Occupation: Dreamer of things out of my reach

I grew up in the country, yet since I have spent all my teenage years and more in the city, I have become conformed to the hussle and bussle. I am not ashamed of this, but proud to be the only one of my kind in the family.

Within friends, I am rather quiet. The odd time when I do decide to speak my mind, it is either wonderfully witty or awkward. Either that, or I can't control what I am exactly saying for reasons which I will not speak of.

I pride myself in my writing ability. Even though, I admit, that my skills have dropped from a lack of practice. Another thing that I am quite proud of is my art. I am aware that I am no Picasso, but I am well aware that I do harvest some talent. Despite everything my talent, due to my new lifestyle, I have found it a rarity to have time to actually draw, and therefore have lost my passion for it. I have redirected this passion to writing.

Other than the former mentioned, I am an easy person to get along with, or so I am told. I'm generally a happy person to talk to at times, and I smile a lot. There are few times that you will see, or rather in this situation, read that I am angry so drop me a line, alright?

I do take commissions. That's my main income of gold.
Even though I prefer to draw girls, guys are welcomed, and usually priced lower.
Any more information, PM me and I would be more than happy to answer them.
CORRECTION: Due to my lack of time that I can commit to commissions, I am currently suspending this offer. Further news will be posted on whether it changes or will stay.

I am still declining commission offers. I don't see this changing in the near future. Not only do I not have much spare time, but my tablet seems to not like me anymore for it has been persistent in not working. This is not cool. I don't like it one bit. Otherwise, I would be more than happy to accept your requests.


Jibril "Emo Flask" Reifenstahl's Art Dump

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.


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Nega G-aiaman

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Nega G-aiaman

Oh ok cool, thanxx
Nega G-aiaman

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Nega G-aiaman

Hey emo flask! I was just wondering about your art topic from a couple months ago. Did you ever do the drawings? If so, I did not get a copy of my avatar and would you please send me one? Thanxx.

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thanx for buying!

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Thank you so much! I like yours as well.
Im Shook

Report | 10/03/2009 12:17 pm

Im Shook

~Thanks for Buying~
Comment ninja

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Comment ninja

Random comment.
From a random ninja.

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not too bad

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how are you ?

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The Sexual Pancake

Report | 06/22/2009 3:55 pm

The Sexual Pancake

I'll give you a bit more.

Cause it's awesome :3

Ima send a trade~


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Currently closed for commissions. Check out my journal for examples!