Damn Brats! My Introduction of Me!

Among my closest of friends, I am known as Yuki! (Tohma(ChildoftheFlame) calls me Eiri sometimes... Damn idiot he is.) I love to draw and am improving with the Anime/Manga style. I've mastered the Sunday Morning Garfield comic strip and it pisses Tohma off. Whatever, I love video games and tv. I'm lazy most of the time but there are times where I'm true to my nature and get up and do some work, such as climbing trees. I like to follow my friends around, Tohma thinks I'm her shadow, but I don't think so. I'm pushy, and bitter. I think I take after the person that currupted my innocent little mind, since I've become so bossy since I met her. (Namely that would be Tohma(ChildoftheFlame).) ChildoftheFlame(Or Tohma as I've been calling 'IT') is my closest friend and the one who introduced me to Gaia online! YEP!

Limited Brainwaves! ChildoftheFlame's Introduction to Eiri_Yuki321

Holy snot on fly wings! Eiri_Yuki321 is my shadow, no matter what he says! Objection, please? Didn't think so! Anyway, he mentally abuses me and physcially beats me up! Ah but I love him anyway. He's my best spuddy!(Buddy) It pisses me off that he gets a drawing style down in thirty seconds while I have to work for eight years on it! But he can't beat me in the vocals! I'm so used to screaming that my voice can take anything I give it. My singing is competion for Shuichi Shindou himself! Yuki(Eiri_Yuki321) needs some work to reach my level, but I believe with a bit of training from me(Like we did with the Anime art style) he will surpass his teacher! As limited in brainwaves as he is, there are some rocks up in that head of his! But as I said, he's my spuddy and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think with as much time as I have, if he gets into it enough, I might let him join my role play site as a beginner and get him into writing like me as well. I introduced him to anime only somewhat, as he already knew the basics, like Inuyasha. I brought him into the world of just how big the Anime Happy Land really is. I introduced him to the Adult Swim Saturday night Anime line up and he's become one of my fellow Otaku(Anime Nerds). He often reads over my shoulder as I write(like he is now) and laughs at everything I write, even if my humor is a bit dry. He's not naive anymore... I took that away. I love him all the same and despite how Bi I am, I'd hate to date him! He calls me wierd, wrong, sick and nasty... but really, he's no different!


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Peace out girl, LOVE IT!

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First comment!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!


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