Hello everyone. I'm Earthangelz. A kind, cute, pretty, sweet, considerate, slightly polite FEMALE! YAY! Lol My name is Emily. Here is some little facts about me, so enjoy. Remember, cute! Do not call me by my full username. I don't like it since it seems so formal ish. So, Just call me by my nicknames. I should really rewrite all this. Lol

      Ok, You see all that? Huh? Yea. That wasn't written by me, but my boyfriend Element. Had this kind of scavenger hunt thing of mystery messages. Snuck onto each others account...and yea. Lets make this clear, for everyone. I'm NOT CUTE. Not in one way or shape or form. Got it? I may seem cute at times, but no. No cute. Neh.

      Anyway, as the uber above says, I'm Emily. I'm usually called Emmie, or Em. Earth or Cassiel works too. Some little facts here about me.

      Birthday: Feb 25.
      Year: Old.I'm just so old, I don't even have to disclose the year I was born.
      Sign: Pisces
      Relationship Status: Taken
      Occupation: Lumberjack Ninja/ Freelance Artist
      Origin of Self: Canada.
      Hair colour: Dark red
      Eyes: Green

      Umm, what else is there to put really? Oh yes, some likes or whatever.

      Likes: Disney World/ Disney stuff, Food, Sweets, Baked Goods, Drawing, Animals, Musicals/Music (Don't really have a genre I instantly love. Do like a lot though), Plays, Flowers, Reading, Movies (Don't make me choose my favourite. Lets just say it is a very hard choice. But The 1939s Adventures of Robin Hood is up there), Friends/Family, my doggie, Wrestling, and a whole bunch of stuff.

      Dislikes: Peas (mushy grossness), Hate, ummm, loneliness, People who like cutting infront of me while I walk, periods, 37 degrees Celsius heat, very greasy food, smoking (the smell of it makes me nausea), and a bunch of stuff I can't think of right now.

      Fun Facts:
      - I go to Disney every year
      - Watch Wrestling since I was 5
      - I do not like soy sauce on white rice and prefer things like salsa and salad dressing on it
      - I live in a room that is too small for comfort
      - I'm Master of Just Dance 2
      - I hope to own a business one day
      - I've already illustrated one children book already
      - I want to see pretty much everything
      - I like vintage stuff, like clothes, so, I try to find clothes that are somewhat vintage like. But you know, can't beat a good t-shirt
      - My tv still has a vhs player in it
      - Been rping since 2005 (joined that year. Would have joined earlier but sister banned me from it since it was 'her' thing)
      - I don't really know how to swim. Well, not very well. Deep ends are evil
      - I'm not cute.
      - I have old woman back
      - I sometimes doze off in my computer chair

      And the cuteness continues! ^.^

      If you can read this, you're probably doing something illegal in the state of Alaska. By the way, Element is awesome.


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Hi sissy xd smile

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haii whee

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Hello cat_smile

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Awwwww!!! Your profile is so cute and beautiful! heart

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oOOOoooOOoo o3o
Dingus Mcloften

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Dingus Mcloften

Thanks for buying! That was quick razz
Saint Ciel

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Saint Ciel

XD That's better than the other stuff I had.

One of my options was like
I'm all "O_O...wtf no"
Saint Ciel

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Saint Ciel

Wow. It actually let me this time. O_O
Every time I checked it wouldn't let me. X_X

I'm likst JynxSun3094830294832098432098
Saint Ciel

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Saint Ciel

Seriously? Every time I go there...
O_O It doesn't let me. xd

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Any time smile


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