Thy name be EpicPhail, call me as you wish though, I don't mind if you call me anything in the ranges of that, Baka, or Amaya. Anything is fine ^.^ I am a pretty nice person if you get to know me, and I love random pm's and comments, so if you like my profile, or want to Friend me, feel free :3 I like a lot and dislike a lot of things, so these are just a few examples=


~Colorful things
~Almost all Music
~Being random and dumb
~Animals, mostly kittens :3
~Writing, mostly Fantasy or poems
~And Your mother x]


*People with no sense of humor
*Boring conversations
*Drugs and people who abuse them
*People who hit on me, who don't know me
*Most Internet relations
*Clutter and disorganization
*Stinky people *looks at my brother Daniel* >n>

Anywho! Who cares about me? Exactly! Not you! xD So why don't you leave me a comment or send me some love and I can get to know you? <3