Hi, everyone! Thanks for checkin' out my profile. My name's Lola, and here on "Gaia" I like to post on in forums, rate and leave comments in the "Arenas", play fun games, go avatar shopping, and chatting with other Gaians. 3nodding

My Friends List: I don't really like adding Gaians to my friends list - unless I know them personally. That doesn't mean that I don't want to chat and still make good friends with everyone tho'.... because I really do!!! biggrin

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I Enjoy:
Studying Spanish, English Geography, and Math.
Listening to music
Designing clothing
Hanging out with friends
Helping others
Checking out celebrity news blogs
Supporting American Idol's David Archuleta, and a bunch of other stuff! 3nodding

My Favorite Artists Are:
Christina Aguilera
Carrie Underwood
Adam Lambert
Justin Bieber
Jason Mraz
And David Archuleta! 4laugh

My Favorite Bands Are:
Boys Like Girls
Secondhand Serenade
Thriving Ivory
And One Republic. 3nodding

My Favorite TV shows are:
American Idol
Leave It To Beaver
That's So Raven
The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
Hannah Montana
SpongeBob SquarePants
And Drake & Josh. 3nodding

My Favorite Movies Are:
High School Musical 2
The Marine
Princess Protection Program
Love Wrecked
New York Minute
And Cow Belles. 3nodding

heart Lets make an effort! heart Life is an amazing gift - lets all try our very hardest to be kind to others. Everyone could use a helping hand once in a while, so lets be there for one another. <3

-DustyMoonRocks (Me)

My dream avatar!
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Total Value: 87,280 Gold
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Item List:
White Bun-Bun Plushie
MTV White Designer Handbag
Men's Wearhouse Gloves
Drop Necklace
Radiant Prism
Sakura Blossom Hairpin
Rose And Milk Quartz Headband
Candy Pink Sweet Lace Mary-Janes
Cherry Blossom




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Report | 04/17/2012 9:35 pm


Hey nice to meet you too. damn i haven't been on in a while

Report | 02/05/2011 6:41 pm


Thanks! biggrin Most people would be weirded out when I say I want to be a butler, but I'm glad you think it's cool.

Wow! You're the first person I know that wants to be a songwriter! What kind of genre(s) do you write for?

I've never done a blog-type thing before. Although, it sounds kind of amazing. Maybe I should get one! cool

Report | 10/26/2010 3:33 pm


Ohh I see. I didn't know that... crying Well I'd say mine would be becoming a better artist. I don't necessarily need to sell my art, though. biggrin haha I don't think that counts as a career, but oh well. My second choice would be a butler! Not a maid because I don't like wearing those dresses and aprons. gonk I love suits and tuxedos!
Ahaha thanks I guess. whee I always loved adventuring!
May I ask what kind of ideas and advices you need? 3nodding Unfortunately, I don't. Looks interesting though!

Report | 10/07/2010 3:53 pm


Oh... okay. sweatdrop Well, I hope life DOES get better for you! heart It's kind of the same with me, but I'm trying hard to make my life better and thrilling. twisted
So? Age shouldn't stop anyone from doing what they want! (Unless you're really old and can't move that well, that's an exception). 3nodding Live your life~
Haha no problem! You're really creative, you know? It always take me like hours to find an awesome outfit and then I end up with a bad one. emo Haha oh well.
A Nameless Ghoul

Report | 08/14/2010 8:01 am

A Nameless Ghoul

its was ok

Report | 08/09/2010 7:17 am


Well it is important to me! [ scream ] It's fine if you don't want to tell me, but as a friend I'm going to be worried about you! emo

And oh yes thank you! I've been also trying other sports, but I eventually failed at them... gonk I've been wonder, are you in any sports? Or are there any that you take a liking to?

Thanks, again! I like it, too.~ And I would say the same thing to you! heart I love the "romantic" feeling I get from your avatar... Hope that's not a weird thing to say... redface ( Well you're on a boat and everything with a rose... )
A Nameless Ghoul

Report | 08/09/2010 1:31 am

A Nameless Ghoul

thanks smile

Report | 08/02/2010 6:35 pm


Ehh? Why are you disappointed?! sad

I'm actually doing great, I took up tennis for the first time and I love it. I thnk it might be the right sport for me. whee

Report | 07/31/2010 9:13 am


I'm glad I remembered! biggrin

So how are you? whee

Report | 07/25/2010 5:00 pm


Yeah that would be nice, wouldn't it? 3nodding The more people who help out, the better!

I sometimes just hope and hope (and hope) that they'll like the art! whee But I love your art! It's so , pixely xp My favorites are the Slideshow and Pixels.~

And I guess you probably won't remember our conversation since it's been sooo loooong! I apologize for that! crying I guess when you really forgetful like me, you'd forget that you had an account on this site... at least I replied back? confused


CD coming only to iTunes June 9th!
includes his "Touch My Hand" music
video, "A Thousand Miles", and the best
song EVER.... "ZERO GRAVITY"!!!!!