All about me <3

Name's: Tasha.
Nicknames: Oompa Loompa, midget, hobit, etc..
Where: New York
Wish: For promises not to be broken.
I am: Single...
Want: To many things.

-Doctor Who <3 David Tennant <3
-Music ((It's my life))
-Friends and family ((means everything to me))
-Meeting new people
-Having fun
-Legend Of The Seeker
-Angry Birds (It's addicting)
-Mitsubishi Eclipse
- Lots more...

-People ((most))
-Broken promises.
-The color Yellow.
-I'm sure there's more...

QUEST of epicness((Donators)):
Doctor Yalta-1000g =]
Guardian Tyrael-150,000 biggrin heart

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Eddie The Checkered Elf. A character from a story I wrote. ^.^
Repo Mama drew ittt. <33

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