Heya, my name is Anna and I'm a gal on 22 years from Sweden.
I'm currently living in Belgium since 1.5 year, since my bf is stated here.
At the gymnasium (or high school as it would be measured in U.S) I read the "Mediaprogramme" , which included graphic design, tv and film production, journalism, multimedia and photography.
I'm currently studying Dutch to fit better into the society of Belgium - very few people here speak English.

On my spare time I love to draw and paint, both in the digital way and in the traditional. I'm using Photoshop for digital pieces, and I'm mostly using ink, pencils and acrylics in the traditional way.
I also spend time taking photo's with my wonderful CANON EOS 450D ^^

I'm also a little writer whenever I'm in the mood. I write a few short novels and once in a while a fan-fiction. Poetry? Tried it, but I suck at it xd

I'm also a little gamer. Currently playing World of Warcraft on the European RP realm Moonglade.
And loved Dragon Age: Origins, even tho the expansions were a bit of a disappointment - still looking forward to March next year when they release the 2nd game.
L4D2 is also an awesome game imo. ZOMBIE shooting ftw whee


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doesnt say though. it doesnt show what ur wearing.. D:
u can go to save ur avatar. u can just go over it without clicking the item and it gives u the name

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whats that circlet on ur head? its sliver and purple?
Bleh Apocrypha

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Bleh Apocrypha

Yo, remember me, captain of the Ultimate (name change to bestest) Anime and Videogame guild? I'm sending this message to all the members who haven't made any posts. Try and post as often as possible, or within a month if there is no change in your posting attitude you will be banned from the guild.


~Seno Hykaru

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We have the same name.

Go us!

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Move down here to Texas and you'll get everything inbetween. ^_-

You have AIM, MSN, or YIM by any chance?

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I'll have to check out those anime's you mentioned. ^^

I was sad actually when in the end of Trigun Nicholas D. Wolfwood dies and it was the best scene ever when he goes into that chapel carrying that big a** crucifix cross gun and he starts as if he's like talking to a God if there ever was or is one while leaning against his gun. I swear they took that reference from the bible other then that it was awsome.

Then in Cowboy Bebop where at the end after that big gun fight between Vicious's gang and Spike alone himself is when he's walking down the stairs then before he dies he's like "bang..." with his hand and all. Kind of sucked he died but it was cool what he did before he died. Which is what made him more badass then ever.

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I always love good romance/drama anime's. Especially ones that make you feel all emotional inside.

Bleach by so far is a good example for drama. The episodes that really got me emotional was the one with Inou Orohime's brother Sora's death and when he became a Hollow. And then the other one with that boys ghost that was trapped inside the cockatail bird Chad was protecting from the Hollow that kept chasing it promising if he kept running he'd bring back his dead mother.


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I watch girlie anime's too. >.> Ones I've seen...

Oh! My Goddess, DearS, Tenchi Muyo, and Sailor Moon.

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Awww that sucks. So far the years I've been I've gone as Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star, Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Vash the Stampede from Trigun, and last one I did was Ichigo Kurasaki.

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You get anime conventions in your area?