Hello all that are taking the time to read this; my name is of no importance, but you may refer to me as Demitri. I'm just your normal average teenage female in most ways honestly. I'm heading into freshman year, and I'm still not clear about what I want to be when I reach the age where a job is manditory. I enjoy many things such as water, family, creative writing (though I'm no good at it), tekteking, browsing art, animals, trees, and the internet. I dislike many things as well, but I'm sure if you get to know me you'll find those things out quickly. I can't draw for the life of me, though occasionally I'll do it just for fun or boredum. Oh~ did I forget to mention that I love music? How forgetful of me! I love music with all my heart. I've always been a music lover, so silence burns me to the core. I haven't been able to listen to my music though for quite some time though because my computer is a bit messed up. If anyone knows how to solve almost impossible computer problems please contact me! I have no special skills, and no talents whatsoever, so please don't ask me to write you a story, draw you a picture, or anything for that matter. How do I keep forgetting so much? I also love RolePlaying! It's a bit of a past time for me at this point. I can RP quite a bit of animes, shows, books and more! I'll list my top 10 animes below, so if you'd like to RP contact me either through comment, PM, or meeboo! If you've taken the time to read this then please leave a comment saying, "I've read about you, and I payed attention!".
I've recently found out I'm 88% American and 12% German~ c:

Top 10 anime list
10. Black Butler
09. Naruto (first season sub)
08. Elfin Lied
07. Pokemon (though I dislike the anime the manga & games make up for it)
06. Ouran High School Host Club
05. Lucky Star
04. Tie- Haruhi Suzumiya (first season) & Pandora Hearts
03. Higurashi no koro ni
02. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
01. Hetalia


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Blue of Pokemon Manga

Report | 02/17/2012 5:00 pm

Blue of Pokemon Manga

Not sure if I ever thanked you but if I did not, then thank you very much. ^__^

P.S. Sorry this response is so over due, I haven't been on in forever. ><

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You're not an idiot! What if she says yes?? Stop being a Lace, and listen to your inner Prussia! If all else fails, ore-sama will be here for you!!
(Mobile deviantart... Y U NO LET ME POST COMMENT?!)

Report | 11/03/2011 6:01 pm


thank you c:

Report | 09/18/2011 11:12 am


『俺様 最高! 最強! 最後に 笑うのは ヤー! 俺様! 決まったぜ!!

FF... -needs to be all girly too-
I'm seriously giggling like a total idiot right now!
You know my Russia? (his name is actually Brett, he's in highschool, the one who had his arm around me)
He wanted to RP Death Note, and now our OC's are going on a date..
Heehee.. e we
-cue HRE rolling around on his bed with a pillow GIF-
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DANKE! User Image

Report | 09/18/2011 10:58 am


『俺様 最高! 最強! 最後に 笑うのは ヤー! 俺様! 決まったぜ!!

PFF- SORRY! ; 3;
& Tell me how your date went. ;DUser Image

DANKE! User Image

Report | 09/15/2011 8:20 pm


Tori: -victory smirk, and drops xD-
Japan: Wirr you forgive me?

Report | 09/15/2011 8:15 pm


('Tis true, I've done eet before. ewe)
Japan: Werr...gomenasai..
Tori: -yanks- Quiet, froggy!!

Report | 09/15/2011 8:10 pm


Tori: -hits him over the head and starts dragging him away by the hair with her man strength xD-
Japan: Hai... I just wanted you to rike me so badry....>///>
(I fail at Japan...OTL)

Report | 09/15/2011 8:02 pm


Tori: Kolkolkol.... -heads there-
Japan: -sitting on a bench-
Tori: What did you do to Step? : D|l|l|l
Japan: -explains how france told him xD- -flustered-
Tori: ..Oh.
Iggy: What are you doing here??

Report | 09/15/2011 7:55 pm


Tori: : D... Where is Japan, I'll kick his a**! >:U


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