[ X ].A.B.O.U.T. .M.E.[ X ] :

[ X ] Hey, I'm Paige. But you already knew that. Or maybe you didn't. You think you know me? Think again! :3

[ X ] I love my friends, my car, my PS2, japanese culture, anime, manga, music, art, yaoi, photoshop CS2, writing, reading, and theatre.

[ X ] If you'd like to get to know me a bit better, leave me a comment, please a little <3 for this girl! I get lonely...

[Relationship Status]: Single

[Age]: 24

[Orientation]: No clue... (defying the ideals of biased love and gender sterotyping a day at a time! XP )

[Hometown]: Barton

[Gaia Zodiac Sign]: Halo

[Dream Avatar version 1]:
quest finished on 6-25-09 // 3am

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Total Value: 326,488 Gold
After Exclusions: 203,725 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Gift Box
Dashing Gentleman Gold And Black Cane
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
Heart of Gold
Gold Reading Glasses
Padmavati's Lotus 10th Gen.
Skittles Crazy Core Contacts
ZONY Discman
TM (Time Piece)
Wild West Holster
Warm Starter Fantasy Bracers
Scar of Martyr
Orange And Yellow Reversible Bracelets
Buttoned Down Foliage Skirt
Pinstripe Saloon Girl Stockings
Leather Victorian Boots
Spring Nymph

[ Dream Avatar version 2 ]:
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D. Gray-Man Tykii Mikk

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Shiny Porcelain

Report | 07/19/2009 7:34 pm

Shiny Porcelain

Thanks for the advice on the bow and arrows!
I have a better picture up now of the quiver (if not soon!)
lost inside my own mind

Report | 07/16/2009 9:21 am

lost inside my own mind

lost inside my own mind

Report | 07/15/2009 6:28 pm

lost inside my own mind

how do u sell your rings in zomg

Report | 07/05/2009 7:11 pm


hi! thanks for the donation & luck. killer avi. =3

Report | 06/23/2009 3:03 pm


hope you are the right crying crimson that won a decoration from me, You need to tell me what you would like from my tank.

Report | 06/15/2009 10:18 am


send this to 10 other profiles and press f5 and get 100.0000 gold it works for real

ghost of doom2010

Report | 06/07/2009 8:44 am

ghost of doom2010

Awww thank you!
That's so nice ^_^ heart
Oh by the way, don't forget to accept our trade! (ie. your prize money lol)

Report | 05/27/2009 11:41 am


omg i love loveless

Report | 05/26/2009 2:29 pm


Thanks ^_^

there are certain items I use over and over and having them in many colours is handy (the ribbon sleeves). I find shoes the hardest thing to get though crying I always have trouble matching the shoes and thus pretty much only have black ones sad

Report | 05/25/2009 4:32 pm


Your avi looks so cool! heart

Yeah...that was random xd


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