I'm Dani.
I'm 20.
I'm single and not looking.
I have the greatest friends known to man.
I'm addicted to energy drinks.
At times, I'm not sure.
I'm a big fan of A Perfect Circle, Tool and Puscifer<3
I have piercings. My ears, lip & eyebrow.
I graduated from Heatly High School!
Anything else, ask me, idc.


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Deathstar Chronicles

It's a ******** journal, what do you expect?



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kk fasho

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kk fasho

Hey there C:

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its nette duh. i told you.
kk fasho

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kk fasho

Exactly but some of the comments are positive ones and I feel weird because they come from the most unlikely people sometimes.
Don't tell anyone but I secretly am a Barbie, and I'm the cutest barbie you ever did meet 4laugh
kk fasho

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kk fasho

haha thanks ^_^
When ever I wear them or my other long socks I always get like a bajillion weird looks
and at least 20 people sy something about them lol
it's kind of annoying
I'll wear what I ********' please
ya know?
kk fasho

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kk fasho

I have some super long nightmare before christmas socks I'm planning on wearing.
Kinda like the ones I had on at brit's party but these ones are striped ^_^
I be settin' all kinds of trends in that school
kk fasho

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kk fasho

I really don't want to go to school tomorrow!
But my outfit is too awesome too stay home xD
kk fasho

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kk fasho

yeah I think I'm going to call them this weekend, see what they are doing.
kk fasho

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kk fasho

I was talking to Samantha the other day
They said they'll come over here soon then after that I can go over there.
It makes no sense, I know but that's my mother for you.
But I think it will be before 2010
I'm hoping :]


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I need love cause only love is true.
I need every wakin' hour with you and my friends cause they're so beautiful.
Yeah, my friends they are so beautiful.