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About Me

I am Lixy but you can call me Pumpkin
I love red pandas
I am 21 Years old
I have short hair Blue/Purple and Green/Blue/Hazel eyes
My Best Friend is Microchii
I enjoy drawing, chatting, playing and many other things.
I am looking for some people to chat to on here.
I am mega childish
I love Pokemon
I play Magic The Gathering with mainly White and Green
I have loads of Teddies
I love Free Hugs
I love Anime and Manga
I love the band Fireflight
I love the snow
I am messy xD
I am rather lazy
I like to help people (try to anyway) but please don't be rude and just ask, remember your please's and thank you's
Music is my life
So yeah if you wanna know more about me PM me or add me as a friend biggrin

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blademaster99 Report | 09/22/2014 12:05 pm
Very Kitty Report | 08/17/2014 11:19 pm
Very Kitty
Oh lol its called sweet talker x3 it costs a lot though D;
Winged Crusade Report | 04/09/2014 4:26 pm
Winged Crusade
~Huggles~ Random hug!! cat_4laugh
Very Kitty Report | 01/12/2014 9:09 pm
Very Kitty
I play pokemon X :3
nanamint Report | 11/02/2013 12:07 am
doing great! ;9 haven't been on much tho.. xD
how about youu?? ono
nanamint Report | 11/01/2013 5:03 am
Hellooo :9
Ritzy Report | 05/21/2013 5:37 am
nice avatar!
User 14787240 Report | 04/18/2013 11:56 am
User 14787240
Bahaha, that is lucky
So not a lot of traveling
User 14787240 Report | 04/17/2013 11:57 am
User 14787240
On I'm good. Cool, must be a nice house then. Is it far from your old house? ^^
User 14787240 Report | 04/16/2013 2:12 pm
User 14787240
Hi !
Haven't seen you on much, how have you been? heart


Chimi The Pink Chihuahua