Previous account: designer Hobo Style

Hello everyone, due to some freakish glitch, I am unable to change my avatar on my first account, so I have been forced to make a new one.

In any case, some of you don't know me, so I'll get right down to it. The name's Jaz, or Jazzy, or Jasmine if you prefer. I am attending highschool and college and I'm working towards a degree in either English or literature, possibly psychology. I know a bit of German, though I probably wouldn't be able to have a very good conversation if you tried to speak with me, I plan on learning more however and possibly moving to Germany one day.

Likes: Anime, Manga, Video games, reading, writing, creativity, animals, math, science

dislikes: Sports, tomatoes, spiders, the dark

I've got four kitties and a rabbit.