Hmmm, read through all the stuff I said, way back when, when i was 14 and completely out of my ever lovin mind. So basically to sum it all up, you only live life once, so ALWAYS say what needs to be said, tell someone when you love them, because you never know when someones last day of their life will be, and just totally, completely, live...

Live with your eyes closed, and your heart open <3

Taylor (:


I have a paper heart. Fragile with many tears and wounds. Each symbolizing a miserable memory in my life. Every heart break, every fight, my heart is slowly crumbling. With all the tears I cry my heart became soggy, ready to break at any time. So as you can tell my heart can't be broken once more or else it'll be the downfall of my life.

I fell for someone, they didn't catch me, I fell hard, picked myself up off the ground, walked away, & vowed never to love again.

"You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you're sad, love what you've got & remember what you had...always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret, people change, things go wrong, just remember, life goes on."

When you said we'd be best friends forever until the end,
I never expected the end to come so soon,
The friends forever rule you must be able to bend,
I miss all those times we sat there & just stared at the moon,
It's crazy to think we're gettin split up so young,
I've tried to convince myself this wasn't gonna happen,
Obviously our friendship bell has finally rung,
But i never would have thought that all those day i got lost in,
Would have passed by so fast,
I look back at all our old memories from junior high,
I thought they were there to last,
Why did you have to lie,
When you said friends forever,
I believed you and guess what now i'm full of heart ache,
I asked when you would leave me and you replied never,
Can't you see it for goodness sake,
This never seeing each other isn't working out,
Everyone was right,
Now i'm full of doubt,
Because now you won't be i my sight,
Not like you use to be,
We're drifting apart,
This is the day i wished that i'd never see,
Now all that's left is shattered pieces of memories in my heart.

She cries all night but you'll never know,
Why her true feelings she'll never show,
Life comes at her so fast that it's a blur,
She holds on tight to all she had because she's insecure,
She can't figure out why her skies are always gray,
Or why every time her world comes crashing down she has nothing to say,
She tries & tries to block them out,
But all they ever do is shout,
She wishes she was anywhere but here,
Since shes told no one there's no one to wipe her tear,
People say well life goes on,
How would you know if nothing in your life ever goes wrong,
She avoids her friends day by day,
Because if she saw them she wouldn't know what to say,
She only wishes that they could see,
Every night she asks herself why me?

Of all the friends i've ever met, ur the one i wont 4get, and if i die b4 u do, i'll go to heaven and wait for you, i'll give the angels back their wings, and risk the loss of everything, just to prove, my friendship is true, im thankful to have friends like u!!


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I Am Mentally Prepared

Report | 03/22/2012 6:41 am

I Am Mentally Prepared

What the... why you have so many days off Lala?[x
Sorry I haven't been on much... school school school.
I think I'm failing all my classes too.
I Am Mentally Prepared

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I Am Mentally Prepared

If its summer?
Why is your spring break so early?
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I miss you too.
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I Am Mentally Prepared

You used eyeliner that you were allergic to.
Never heard that before, but I hope you were okay.
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I Am Mentally Prepared

OHHH , oh oh okay [x
Well you're welcome, I think.
So how's life?

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Ohhhh, wait.
Thank you for what?[x
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Happy Late Valentine's day Lala[x
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Okay , just for you [x
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Maybe on Valentine's day.


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