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Life :]

Yo face, ma face, everyone's face. No okay I'm just going to write down what I feel, it may help me out some :]


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Thank you for your purchase! emotion_bigheart

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oh that would be awesome in so many ways! What kind of work? Like writing, design, coding? There are plenty of areas to get into at least :3

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Yeah I know that feeling : / It sucks wanting someone you know isn't good for you...

Hmmm well what is the general direction you want to go?

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Ouch, I'm sorry hun ; A ;
breakups are already pretty unhappy, usually, but if they're bad breakups it's even worse DX You remember when I broke up with my ex? Yeahhh I have been single ever since then ; u ; I've had plenty of crushes, but none of them worked out and now I'm desperate for looveeeee lol
It's like the only thing my life lacks right now, aside from a job...

But hmmmm as far as what you wanna do... I would love to help with that but I'm not sure how I can DX It's something you have to find for yourself. I will say though, that I believe in you <3 You'll figure it out and once you do, it'll be awesome.

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I've been doing pretty well <3
I got into a master's program for elementary teaching and certification. That starts in a week, I'm so excited!
I'm glad I finally figured out what I really wanna do with my life lol. I could NOT decide for the longest time, and then one day I was like "you know what I think little kid me was smarter than big girl me." I'd wanted to be a kindergarten teacher first, in the very beginning, and I figured out that my first dream job is what I think I should be doing with my life :3
So yeah. The identity crisis I'd been having all through college disappeared, and I know what I'm doing now.

How've you been?

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yes yes |D
It's about not being able to buy your favorite items because of inflation |D

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yeah. It's something all of us older members complain about, I'm sure ; A ;
It's just so stupid how Gaia keeps releasing gold RIGs that just drive inflation way up. It's just ugh. Very annoying. My friend and I are making a song called "MP Woes" lolol

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I've been back for a while now :3 at least a year.
I think I started getting on regularly again when TM shut down XD

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It's been like.... ages. omg.
OMG I am suddenly really nostalgic for Ina's old thread and everyone from it omg. I haven't talked to any of you in so loooonnnggg...!
Worst December

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Worst December

Hella busy, that's why. )8 but I'm hanging in there lol. How are you and your life doing? x3


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