Hello ^-^ My name is Tamara, but most people just call me Tammy. I'm almost 16, just need to wait one more month : D and I'm 100% aussie!! I am from South Australia, its really dry and hot, but its a really nice place to live. I have floods, droughts, and heat waves.
One of my friends told me once that 10% of our tourists die when they come here, from one of our deadly animals of course lol. I dont know if its true, but thought i should warn you :3

Some random facts about me:
My favourite colours are pink and black
Im a winter person, cause i get to snuggle up under blankets and have soup
I used to play netball, but my team split up D:
I act immature a fair bit, but i have moments where i act my age
I love animals, my favourite animal is a cheetah =3
My favourite food is pasta ^3^ i could eat a truck load of it hehe >w<
I love watching tv, including movies and anime ^^
I have many pets. I have 1 dog, 3 cats, 4 budgies, 2 cockatiels, and 8 quails. Soon i am going to get some goldfish and blackmores, as a birthday present ^.^
I love my plushies, i counted them a while ago, i have just over 100 : D
My favourite movie genres are horror and comedy ;3

I love comments and making new friends <3 so send a message, im random and weird, enjoy the weirdness! lol


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Tootie Xx

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Tootie Xx

Lol monkey!! :3 do you remember me i miss you!! :3 its Cathrines heart i changed my name or maybe you know me by the name of small? :3 i must look so weird how are you doing?

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Thank you for your purchase ; w ;
User 18620339

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User 18620339

User 18620339

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User 18620339

Ohh totally. ;D
User 18620339

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User 18620339

Hm.. Perhaps, we should! cool
User 18620339

Report | 04/26/2013 4:57 am

User 18620339

Hahaha yep!
I would love that. That would be the best rule ever invented.
User 18620339

Report | 04/26/2013 4:49 am

User 18620339

Haha 'tis okay. ;P
And there should be a rule on gaia where items are not allowed to change prices when you and I want them! AND ONLY YOU AND I
User 18620339

Report | 04/26/2013 4:43 am

User 18620339

Hm.. Something like that... I'd rather not talk about my personal stuff.. razz
And they're not allowed to! SINCE WHEN WERE THEY ALLOWED TO!?
User 18620339

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User 18620339

Haha I'm getting there. All I need to do is get through this place in hell called school, then I'm gold. cool
Speaking of gold - naww. :c
I hate it when that happens! Stupid items are just trying to mess with us.
User 18620339

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User 18620339

Well, I have a boyfriend wink
I have acquainted myself with many new faces and have gotten in touch with old friendships from the past. I have a part time job, as well. I have several hobbies, which are being put on hold due to school.
And that's about it.
Anyway, sounds like you've got the whole item thing covered! Haha congrats. smile



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